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  1. rorschach51

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    Feb 18, 2012
    Brandon Rios vs Ramon Alvarez (November 17, 2018) (12 Rounds Super Welterweights)

    Round 1: 10-9 Alvarez (did whatever he wanted, Rios looked like ****)
    Round 2: 10-9 Rios (Alvarez is already puffing, Rios sloppy is starting to beat Ramon up)
    Round 3: 10-9 Rios (both are just trading without any thought of a gameplan now, Rios getting the better of it)
    Round 4: 10-9 Rios (both men are punching bags, Alvarez landing more, Rios getting the better of it)
    Round 5: 10-9 Rios (more of the same, good action but both of these guys are terrible if no defense)
    Round 6: 10-9 Rios (Alvarez looked done, but somehow stayed on his feet)
    Round 7: 10-9 Rios
    Round 8: 10-9 Rios
    Round 9: TKO

    My Score: (79-73 Rios ATOS)

    Official Scores: (N/A)
    Winner: By 9th round Technical Knockout. Brandon "Bam Bam" Rios.

    I like Sugar Ray Leonard as a fighter just as much as the next guy (Hagler's better) but Ray is complete dog**** as a commentator. Good fight, Rios is shot but can still produce fun competitive fights.

    Watched on DAZN

    Up Next: Gabriel Rosado vs Luis Arias
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  2. rorschach51

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    Feb 18, 2012
    Gabriel Rosado vs Luis Arias (November 17, 2018) (12 Rounds for the Vacant WBO Middleweight Latino Title)

    Round 1: 10-9 Arias
    Round 2: 10-9 Rosado
    Round 3: 10-9 Rosado
    Round 4: 10-9 Rosado
    Round 5: 10-9 Rosado
    Round 6: 10-9 Arias
    Round 7: 10-9 Rosado
    Round 8: 10-9 Rosado
    Round 9: 10-9 Rosado
    Round 10: 10-9 Arias
    Round 11: 10-9 Arias
    Round 12: 10-9 Rosado

    My Score: (116-112 Rosado)

    Official Scores: (116-112 Rosado) (116-112 Arias) (114-114 Draw)
    Winner: Draw

    Watched on DAZN.

    Up Next: Dave Allen vs Ariel Esteban Bracamonte
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  3. rorschach51

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    Feb 18, 2012
    Dave Allen vs Ariel Esteban Bracamonte (November 10, 2018) (10 Rounds Heavyweights)

    Round 1: 10-9 Bracamonte
    Round 2: 10-9 Allen
    Round 3: 10-9 Allen
    Round 4: 10-9 Bracamonte
    Round 5: 10-9 Allen
    Round 6: 10-9 Allen
    Round 7: 10-9 Allen RTD

    My Score: (68-65 Allen ATOS)

    Official Scores: (N/A)
    Winner: By corner retirement between the 7th and 8th rounds, Dave Allen.

    Watched on DAZN

    Up Next: Tyson Fury vs John McDermott I
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  4. KO KIDD

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    Oct 5, 2009
    Finally got around to watching Jermell Charlo vs Tony Harrison and all I can say is I do not understand these loud cries of robbery on Facebook and YouTube comment sections, I swear they attract the biggest no-nothing fans of the sport

    I had it 114-114 or 6-6 in rounds

    I scored Harrison rounds 2-4, 9 and 10
    Charlo I had win rounds 1, 6-8, 11 and 12

    I did give Harrison round 2 but felt a little guilty about it but then again Hazzard Jr gave Harrison the 6th

    Here is a summary of my takeaways:

    -The crowd did not boo the decision
    -Charlo's corner begged him to go for the KO going into round 12
    -After round 10 PBC highlights of the first 10 rounds showed more highlights for Harrison than Charlo
    -Charlo ate jabs all night
    -Harrison landed solid counter rights all night and typically responded with a counter any time Charlo landed something
    -Charlo missed constantly and his jab was not effective at all

    That commentary team was an echo chamber of terrible
    "he cant win by boxing like this"
    "he cant get a decision in a championship fighting this defensive"
    -they ignored constant good work by Harrison and were giving Charlo points for missing punches and merely coming forward. Round 9 was especially nauseating as Charlo got nailed by a right hand and put his gloves out and the team still had something negative to say about Harrison after Charlo landed nothing of note in the round and swallowed a right hand with no response

    I'm not trying to sound biased I just thought the commentary crew was awful, the Larry Hazzard scorecard was dreadful but not as bad as his score in the main event with Jermall Charlo vs Korobov, and the cries of foul and robbery are just way off the mark

    That said I think the 116-112 for Harrison is a poor score but I think 115-113 is well within the realm of possibility just flip round 6 on my card and tuh duh

    I think a rematch would be a very interesting fight. I saw both Charlos that night as plodding, easily countered and not able to adapt or adjust. However, both gutted out the final rounds of the fight and had big 12th rounds when they needed it and I have to commend them for that. Jermell hits very hard and Harrison was cognoscente of that fact all night and fought accordingly. Harrison caught the attention of Charlo a few times but only seemed to rock him maybe one time. Can Harrison fight that safe, careful and limiting fight for 12 rounds again and win? I dont know. Can Charlo improve his jab and be better prepared for counters, we will see. I will say there were still plenty of missed opportunities for Harrison with Charlo completely out of position when missing that did not get taken advantage of
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  5. KO KIDD

    KO KIDD Obsessed with Boxing Full Member

    Oct 5, 2009
    Fernando Vargas vs Winky Wright

    I had this fight even 114-114 or 6 rounds a piece

    Vargas taking: 1,3,4,7,10,and 12
    Wright winning: 2,5,6,8,9,and 11

    I agreed with Davd Hess who had it 114-114 too
    The 116-112 was far too wide
    Lederman had it 115-113 Wright

    Lederman and I had it even after 6 and the punch stats were basically level kind of how Pacquiao vs Marquez II was at stretches. I dont like to cite punch stat but I think in this case it is a good indicator of how close the match started off.

    I thought Wright's corner made a big mistake telling him he was up big after round 9 and Wright clearly took his foot off the gas losing the 10th and the 12th and on my card not closing the fight allowed Vargas all he needed to pull even from behind.

    Post fight Vargas cited out of the ring distractions as a reason behind his performance. I dont like excuses but I would say he looked a little flat compared to other performances and even maybe a little softer as far as his body goes.
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  6. KO KIDD

    KO KIDD Obsessed with Boxing Full Member

    Oct 5, 2009
    Anthony Joshua vs Joseph Parker
    1 :10-9
    2 :10-9
    3 :9-10
    4 :10-9
    5 :10-9
    6 :10-9
    7 :10-9
    8 :10-9
    9 :9-10
    10 :10-9
    11 :10-9

    1: 118-110
    2: 118-110
    3 119-109

    I watched this after seeing some back and forth posting on this. I did not really want to watch this fight but curiosity of a review twisted my arm a little. The fight sucked the second time much like it did the first. In my view this was a pretty conclusive win for Joshua. I even felt a little conflicted in my giving Parker 2 of the 3 rounds I did. Round 3 seemed like a nothing round and 5 I feel like I gave it to Parker on the back of one really good right hand and in the 6th that was the round where it seemed Parker briefly had Joshua hurt and then the referee stepped in. I think most probably gave it to Parker but I felt Joshua landed good shots before the Parker sequence and was in complete control after the break. So if I give the 3rd to Joshua and flipped 5 and 6 I would have a 118-110 card like the actual judges. In reviewing the fight the official cards which I did not like actually seem more explainable.

    I actually thought the referee was good for the first 5 rounds and then:

    Round 6: He intervenes in a series where Joshua was backpeddling to the ropes and Parker may have hurt him with a shot and was following up they were not tied up and he broke the fighters and broke them for a really long time.

    Round 7: Another fairly long break at an odd moment, didnt seem to favor one guy

    Round 8: Oddly enough the more involved referee allows Joshua to fight a long time with tape coming off of his glove which seems odd because it is so obvious. He does break the action in the middle of a Joshua attack.

    Round 9: He breaks the action again but Parker did lead with the head, after the break he finally has the corner address the tape.

    Round 11: Parker is in close and the referee breaks with Parker having 2 free hands. Parker doesnt complain or anything but it seemed odd.

    All in all the fight was a dud. There was a moment where it heated up in round 10 at the very beginning of the round. The fight reminded me of a sparring session or fencing with neither really over exerting themselves or going for it all at any point. Joshua did apply a lot of pressure but more so with forward movement of his feet and not really with punches which I can see possibly being a problem vs Wilder,

    Joshua did:

    Jab well
    Dominated the ring coming forward and controlling the center and backing Parker up
    Got in some hooks, body work and an uppercut here or there
    Rallied when he needed to in order to distance himself in some tit for tat jab rounds

    Parker did:

    He moved well
    He was able to use his upper body to dodge some crisp Joshua right hands
    He jabbed well but not as good as Joshua
    Landed a couple nice right hand counters

    Parker did not:
    Get all that desperate when it was obvious he needed to
    Vary his punches enough
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  7. Ph33rknot

    Ph33rknot El gran campeĆ³n Mexicano Full Member

    Mar 5, 2012
    I've been meaning to do brooks v spence as I'm one of the few that had brooks winning I just can't find the fight
  8. rorschach51

    rorschach51 I'm So Sexy Full Member

    Feb 18, 2012
    Tyson Fury vs John McDermott I (September 11, 2009) (10 Rounds for the BBBofC English Heavyweight Title)

    Round 1: 10-9 Fury
    Round 2: 10-9 Fury
    Round 3: 10-9 Fury (close, McDermott is applying pressure, but Fury's out landing him 2 to 1)
    Round 4: 10-9 McDermott (first time the pressure is starting to wear on Fury, tiring & out landed)
    Round 5: 10-9 Fury
    Round 6: 10-9 Fury
    Round 7: 10-9 McDermott (some huge shots landed by McDermott this round)
    Round 8: 10-9 McDermott
    Round 9: 10-9 McDermott
    Round 10: 10-9 Fury

    My Score: 96-94 Fury

    Official Scores: (98-92 Fury)
    Winner: By Points to win the BBBofC English Heavyweight Title, Tyson Fury.

    I mean I guess you could give some of these rounds to McDermott, but Fury for me is winning most of these rounds with his jab. I think Jim Watt's bias commentary. You know how he is, falls in love with one fighter then can't stop talking about everything that one fighter is doing while either ignoring the other man, or playing off everything he's doing as second rate. Some of the rounds are close, especially the first 3, but I can see what the **** ref Terry O'Connor is seeing. Fury won the fight with that stiff active jab, and breaking even on the exchanges. McDermott landed the flashy shots, but imo not enough of them in the first 3 rounds to take away the volume of punches Fury was landing with the jab. I know almost everyone thinks Fury lost this fight, it was a tough one for sure, I could see 1 or 2 of the rounds I've seen for Fury going the other way. But for me I like what Fury has done better, and at worst I see a draw.

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  9. f1ght3rz

    f1ght3rz KABOOM! Full Member

    Jan 31, 2018
    Edner Cherry vs. Omar Douglas

    Round 1: 10-9 Cherry
    Round 2: 10-9 Cherry
    Round 3: 10-9 Douglas
    Round 4: 10-9 Douglas
    Round 5: 10-9 Cherry
    Round 6: 10-9 Douglas
    Round 7: 10-9 Douglas
    Round 8: 10-9 Douglas
    Round 9: 10-9 Douglas
    Round 10: 10-9 Cherry

    96-94 Douglas

    Official Scores:
    98-92 Cherry
    96-94 Cherry
    96-94 Cherry

    I can see 95-95, maybe 96-94 Cherry, but 98-92 Cherry is one of the most disgusting scorecards i have seen for a while.
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  10. rorschach51

    rorschach51 I'm So Sexy Full Member

    Feb 18, 2012
    Kid Gavilan vs Danny Womber (May 2, 1953) (10 Rounds Welterweights)

    Round 1: 10-9 Womber
    Round 2: 10-9 Womber
    Round 3: 10-9 Womber
    Round 4: 10-9 Gavilan
    Round 5: 10-9 Gavilan
    Round 6: 10-9 Gavilan
    Round 7: 10-9 Gavilan
    Round 8: 10-9 Womber
    Round 9: 10-9 Womber
    Round 10: 10-9 Womber

    My Score: 96-94 Womber

    Official Scores: (6-3-1 x 2 Womber) (5-3-2 Womber)
    Winner: By Unanimous Decision, Danny Womber.

    Great all action fight, a real war. Gavilan was the Welterweight Champion of the World att, this was a huge upset for Womber who went toe to toe and fought his heart out against one of the ATG's.

    Up Next: Ruben Carter vs George Benton

    Ruben Carter vs George Benton (May 25, 1963) (10 Rounds Middleweights)

    Round 1: 10-9 Carter
    Round 2: 10-9 Benton
    Round 3: 10-9 Benton
    Round 4: 10-9 Carter
    Round 5: 10-9 Carter
    Round 6: 10-9 Carter
    Round 7: 10-9 Benton
    Round 8: 10-9 Benton
    Round 9: 10-9 Carter
    Round 10: 10-9 Carter

    My Score: 96-94 Carter

    Official Scores: (7-2-1 Carter) (6-4 Carter) (5-4-1 Benton)
    Winner: By Split Decision, Ruben "Hurricane" Carter.

    Good fight, Benton could have won but he wasn't active enough. Cater noticeable power advantage was the tipping factor in a closely contested battle of Middleweight Contenders.

    Up Next: Bob Foster vs Ernie Terrell
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  11. Chuck Norris

    Chuck Norris Boxing Junkie Full Member

    Aug 31, 2016
    Michael Moorer vs. Bert Cooper - 12 rounds for the vacant WBO Heavyweight Title.

    Round 1 - Moorer 10-9 (both guys got dropped)
    Round 2 - Cooper 10-9 Close
    Round 3 - Cooper 10-8 (Cooper has a cut over the eye)
    Round 4 - Copper 10-9
    Round 5 - Moorer KO

    Two words..........HEAVYWEIGHT SLUGFEST. Terrific display of chin, grit and cojones by Michael Moorer and Bert Cooper ( RIP). Strategy wise, Cooper was fighting very well, pushing Moorer against ropes, dropped him really hard in the first and third. Moorer's best skill set proved to be too much for Cooper, when in the fifth and final round Moorer managed to turn the tide and knock Cooper out with a big right uppercut, left straight combination. :chuck:
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  12. George Crowcroft

    George Crowcroft Youngest Ezzard Charles Fan Ever Full Member

    Mar 3, 2019
    Basically a thread where I post my cards for fights I've scored, open to people's opinions but more as a storage

    Not much more to it tbh
  13. George Crowcroft

    George Crowcroft Youngest Ezzard Charles Fan Ever Full Member

    Mar 3, 2019
    Katie Taylor vs Delphine Persoon
    Undisputed Women's lightweight Championship bout

    1. Even 10-10 (Even 10-10)
    2. Persoon 20-19 (Persoon 10-9)
    3. Even 29-29 (Taylor 10-9)
    4. Taylor 39-38 (Taylor 10-9)
    5. Even 48-48 (Persoon 10-9)
    6. Taylor 58-57 (Taylor 10-9)
    7. Taylor 68-67 (Even 10-10)
    8. Even 77-77 (Persoon 10-9)
    9. Taylor 87-86 (Taylor 10-9)
    10. Persoon 96-95 (Persoon 10-8)*

    *I gave the tenth as a 10-8 round because even with a KD Delphine dominated and had Taylor seriously hurt, if not a 10-8 then I would have the fight a draw
  14. George Crowcroft

    George Crowcroft Youngest Ezzard Charles Fan Ever Full Member

    Mar 3, 2019
    Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury
    WBC and Lineal heavyweight Championship bout
    Live Watch
    1. Wilder 10-9 (Wilder 10-9)
    2. Even 19-19 (Fury 10-9)
    3. Fury 29-28 (Fury 10-9)
    4. Fury 39-37 (Fury 10-9)
    5. Fury 49-46 (Fury 10-9)
    6. Fury 59-55 (Fury 10-9)
    7. Fury 69-64 (Fury 10-9)
    8. Fury 79-74 (Draw 10-10)
    9. Fury 87-84 (Wilder 10-8)
    10. Fury 97-93 (Fury 10-9)
    11. Fury 107-102 (Fury 10-9)
    12. Fury 115-112 (Wilder 10-8)
  15. George Crowcroft

    George Crowcroft Youngest Ezzard Charles Fan Ever Full Member

    Mar 3, 2019
    Joseph Parker vs Dillian Whyte
    WBO international championship bout

    1. Parker 10-9 (Parker 10-9)
    2. Even 19-19 (Whyte 10-9)*
    3. Whyte 29-28 (Whyte 10-9)
    4. Even 38-38 (Parker 10-9)
    5. Even 48-48 (Even 10-10)
    6. Whyte 58-57 (Whyte 10-9)
    7. Even 67-67 (Parker 10-9)
    8. Whyte 77-76 (Whyte 10-9)
    9. Whyte 87-84 (Whyte 10-8)
    10. Whyte 97-93 (Whyte 10-9)
    11. Whyte 106-103 (Parker 10-9)
    12. Whyte 114-113 (Parker 10-8)

    *I do not include the Headbutt KD, so scored the round 10-9, however I still feel Dillian won the round