Dave Allen retires

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  1. CutThroatFade

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    May 25, 2015
    Had a browse of Dave’s IG stories just now, he was doing a bit of a Q&A.

    Some highlights if anyone cares:

    - Reiterated he is retired for good, won’t fight even for good money
    - If fans were allowed he would have fought on Saturday one last time
    - Was gonna get paid really well for the Lovejoy fight apparently
    - Meeting Michael Watson was one of the contributing factors in his decision to retire
    - Jokingly said he’s waiting for Hearn to give him a job although he did say they are having talks after Joshua’s fight.
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  2. PaddyGarcia

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    Feb 13, 2014
    He’ll be back. No doubt in my mind
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  3. EJC83

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    Jan 20, 2019
    Why did he never work on his defence? I just don't understand, if you are worried about your health but are carrying on, like he was, up your defensive game. After he went life and death with Argentinas 4th best Heavyweight the writing was on the wall but all they did was feed him guys that didn't want to fight back ie. Nebo, a shot to peices Browne and then make him think he can obliterate Price and fight for a World Title. 14 months ago there were people saying that he could beat Joshua.
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  4. PatCash

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    Aug 9, 2019
    He never trained throughout his career let alone worked on anything, I think he said the only fights he ever trained for were his first few and Browne and Price
  5. SambaKing1993

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    Sep 17, 2018
    Don't fall for that. He wants people to think he had talent but wasted it by not training. The fact is, he has no talent and is bloody awful.
  6. Howitzer1888

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    Jun 7, 2017
    Yeah agreed. He'll be that fat guy in the pub telling everyone how he could've been heavyweight champion if he tried
  7. Furious

    Furious Active Member Full Member

    Nov 2, 2017
    Exactly. He obviously did train. He's an attention seeker.

    I'm sure he'll be back fighting again within 18 months, he won't enjoy being a pundit once the novelty wears off.
  8. PatCash

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    Aug 9, 2019
    I really don't think he trained he was on social media everyday with no sign of being in a gym and I don't recall him ever having a trainer, he had little talent but was still an ABA finalist regardless he was a pro boxer and his idea of training was going for runs and being 'fit'
  9. Holler

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    Mar 12, 2018
    I don't claim to be a boxing expert but I'm pretty sure that putting your hands down by your side and walking onto punches is not the strategy preferred by the majority of professional fighters. Usyk must've wondered if someone was playing a practical joke.

    Anyway, I wish Dave Allen all the best in retirement. There have been some decent moments, the Nick Webb KO was a heck of a punch and an entertaining turn around in a fight he was losing. Ultimately though that was his level and if he were a friend I'd have been urging him to call it a day whilst he still has his health. He really needs to refuse any offers to get back in the ring, however big the cheque.
  10. Furious

    Furious Active Member Full Member

    Nov 2, 2017
    What a surprise. According to Hearn on IFL, Allen contacted him on Saturday after the fight asking to fight Babic.

    Hearn basically said see what happens next year re: Allen. Obviously he’ll be back.
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  11. Astaxanthin

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    Dec 28, 2014
    Allen was supposed to spar Povetkin after Usyk, at the time I wondered why he didn't, now we all know why. On the Boxing Social podcast, which is worth a watch, Allen said he couldn't feel his legs while in hospital after the Price fight and he can't remember past round 7. He needs to stay retired.
  12. Furious

    Furious Active Member Full Member

    Nov 2, 2017
    He'll be back, I'm even more convinced after the Hearn video. Hearn essentially said as much.
  13. Safin

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    Aug 3, 2019
    I'm not saying that this is the main reason for Dave Allen wanting the bout, but his ego will be a bit bruised considering that Babic is (apparently) getting a lot of love from Matchroom FC.

    As you say, he'll most certainly be back.
  14. Furious

    Furious Active Member Full Member

    Nov 2, 2017
    Good point. Been retired for a week and already been replaced as the Matchroom 'novelty attraction'. To someone like Dave, who clearly needs lots of attention, that will hit quite hard.
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  15. Jurgen

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    Sep 30, 2016
    Announced on Soccer Am today as the Doncaster De La Hoya when he entered the studio and it does sound like this latest 'retirement' will be short lived. Bellew is the daddy of being left alone to live his live so he will need to keep boxing until Bellew hangs up his media tongue.
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