DAZN and ESPN+ questions

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    I subscribe to both but there are a couple of problems I am having. The DAZN stream cuts out regularly, like every 5 minutes or so. Why would this be happening? I have a download rate of 50mps so it should not be a problem. It doesn't happen on any other app.

    Second, with ESPN+ I am unable to record the event so I either watch it live or not at all. I can't believe that is the way they have it set up. I use the ESPN app to access ESPN+. And you can't get the fight later. So the Tete fight this past weekend I was unable to watch because of previous commitments and couldn't even watch it later since it was not listed, like they do with football or basketball games. What's up with that?

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    The DAZN Live stream cuts out all the time and my speed is like 125 mps. It happens at my home and at the homes of other guys I know. I have no idea how to fix it. The app totally kicks you out, sometimes back to the menu. It's terrible. You can wait until the event is over. It doesn't kick you out when you're watching the rebroadcast. We even tried waiting 30 minutes or so until the show has started and then going back watching from the start, hoping it wouldn't buffer or kick us out. But when it did. And you log back in, you're a half hour ahead of where you last watched. So, DAZN sucks. It's totally hit and miss.

    Regarding ESPN+, everything should be there. Especially for fights a week ago. The app on TV just isn't very user friendly.

    Go to the ESPN+ link at the top of the ESPN app. Scroll down to sports. Go to the right and click on SEE ALL. Scroll down to the BOXING GLOVE icon and click. Scroll down to the last row which is ON DEMAND. On my app, the Tete fight card is five spots over.

    Or, instead of ON DEMAND, click on the TOP RANK link above it, and they have all the recent ESPN+ fights this year going back to Fury-Schwarz.
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    What happened to me when I first got dazn been ok lately