Deficiencies in striking of many mma fighters

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    May 25, 2007
    Were their knees and elbows amazing? How were their low kicks? How were their head kicks?

    Only 4 foreigners have won the lumpinee title. EVER. Samart, not a foreigner, won it in 4 weight divisions. Samart became a boxer and won a world title. He is the greatest striker caught on video. He is probably better than those not on video.
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    Sep 16, 2020
    Foreign prizefighters, despite might learn MT, usually are going to use this, often mixed with KB to compete in orgs like Glory, ONE etc alike or use things from MT in MMA, KB.
    The problem is that in western europe easier to earn for a living is with competing under K-1 type rules, aka close to Glory rules.
    Ppl who are buying tickets in western europe are more comfortable to watch fights like these.
    MMA and boxing too are industries they should to compete with for viewership.
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    another stupid thread that focuses on one aspect of MMA.