Demetrius César Andrade vs. Liam Williams & Carlos Gongora Mercado vs. Christopher Eric Pearson RBR.

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    Nov 2, 2010
    I thought it was a pretty exciting fight, Andrade vs Williams. There is one thing that makes me a little suspicious, and that is, how come Andrade is able to dominate and bamboozle his apponents early but he dont keep his foot on the gas? It seemed that with a little more confidence Andrade could have taken Williams out. I know his father incourages him to back off but why? I think the answer is his chin, he was hurt bad in the 9th round. Andrade gets himself in trouble when he isnt on full throttle. I think that he may have been KO'D in the gym or something, there is something him and his father know that we dont. Either way, i liked the fight and Andrade showed great talent along with vulnerabilities and i would like to see him against GGG and Charlo, but i dont know if they want him.
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  2. Scissors

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    Feb 11, 2018
    Williams was very naive, he thought he could just walk Andrade down and beat him that way. He ended up walking directly on to a few big ones. I’m surprised the tactics didn’t change during the fight, they kept doing the same thing and although Andrade was definitely hurt in the 9th it was just never going to be enough to negate the skill difference between them. Andrade’s engine was poor, he needs to work on that if he comes up against someone better, or of course move up. Good fight though.
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    Sep 20, 2010
    Gongora shone for me last night. Epitomizes the solid fighter who does everything well, and seems to have a solid jaw. Will be a handful for anyone not named Canelo or saunders. Espino is one to keep an eye on after a pretty hasty call from me that he was nothing special; he actually looked like he is multifaceted , albeit pretty green. Ironed out, this guy will be formidable. God's assassin assassinated his career with a mind boggling gameplan. Either Espino was so defensively adept or God's assassin didn't realise a straight left counter was worth while attempting, just once...when all the choppy **** was ineffectual. It's beyond me. Maybe he needs five more years to purge his kickboxing habits and train with someone who knows how to get him to fight like an effective southpaw.

    The main event was entertaining to say the least. Williams showed great heart and resilience and hurt Andrade a couple of times, once pretty badly. Andrade's work was cleaner and the head snapping uppercuts made for favourable optics. So it's not out of the question to give him 10 rounds. The worst I had it for Williams was 117-110 but it could have been much closer imo. Each swing round was close but Williams clearly won the 4th and the round when he hurt Andrade. 118-109 was harsh. Could have been at best 115 -112 for Williams, who was hurt on a couple of occasions himself on top of the knockdown. Andrade certainly used effective holding techniques on the incoming, aggressive fighter and could have been warned about it. I actually like Andrade, and maybe I'm part of that minority group! Golovkin vs Andrade would be a good fight although I favour GGG as Andrade wouldn't take those shots. Williams had him on ***** st. Golovkin would do far more damage and is a far superior fighter to Williams.
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    That's Andrade's whole thing imo, that he has a superior understanding of what his opponent can see. Williams moving his head would change his field of vision and leave Andrade without a consistent spot to hide the movement, but I wonder if just jabbing more on the way in would be an easier fix?

    Some people just don't have as much hip flexibility. Williams looks stiff as hell.

    Maybe he could have sold the ref on an early stoppage but clearly there was a lot left in Williams after the early trouble.

    Getting badly buzzed by Williams isn't too shameful. He just wants to be able to dance for 12 rounds so he doesn't get trapped and battered.
  5. theanatolian

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    May 2, 2015
    Good performance by Andrade, good effort by Liam, scores were okay.
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    Mar 24, 2019
    Agree with your scorecard with the exception of round 3 scored that for Andrade
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    Oct 20, 2012
    he’s already beat his daddy Liam smith but yeah it would be a good fun fight.
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    Aug 16, 2017
    Good observation. There was one clip in the post fight highlights where exactly this happens and they show it in slo mo
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  9. Here's Johnny

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    Jan 18, 2015
    Agreed. If someone like you say fights him and has a fair ref it’ll be a heavy ko now.
  10. Here's Johnny

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    Jan 18, 2015
    Agree about Williams tactics and he was so frustrating smothering his own work. Despite this, had they had a fair ref them tactics would have worked and he’d have knocked him out.
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    Mar 20, 2019
    Don't get the aduration for Andrade, yeah he boxed well and looked flashy for 3 rounds but then just continually ran, held, ducked below waist height and refused to break. Could and should have been docked points!! Top boys at 160 would knock him out in 6
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  12. Special one

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    Mar 20, 2019
    Yep and that ref was a disgrace! No control over the contest! Poor
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  13. Here's Johnny

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    Jan 18, 2015
    @Jurgen christened Ricky Burns skippy against Indongo and with good reason. I’d like to see the baton be changed to Andrade now after that. I know he’s always done it and Williams couldn’t cut the ring off to save his life but that was ridiculous. He spent 2.30 plus in most rounds running or holding. 9/10 times I prefer the quality not quantity in a fight but do it too much and it becomes a **** take. Particularly if you add in the holding which makes it obvious he wasn’t in control and just desperately trying to survive.

    I’ve questioned Dazn’s punch stats before, may have been Garcia Cambell fight. No way did he throw more shots than Williams. Land, yes, throw no.
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  14. Erik

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    Oct 25, 2015
    Andrade is very frustrating to watch. Reminds me a bit of guys like Jermian Taylor and to a lesser extend, Hopkins. Where they know they have the skills and craftiness to better their opponents, so are happy to just pot shot, spoil and do the bare minimum required to coast their way to a victory. People are talking about Williams hurting Andrade, but when Andrade stepped it up and let his hands go, it was obvious that Williams couldn't live with him and was the one who was there to get stopped if Andrade had put his foot down.
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  15. Olu G. Rotimi

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    May 29, 2007
    I think he is tight at the weight and probably time to move up soon to Super middleweight.