Deontay Wilder vs Alexander Povetkin (2015-2020; to compare resume of AJ and Fury)

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    Jan 27, 2013
    That means if the fight between them would have happened between 2015 and 2020.

    Why i am very curious about your opinions is this:

    1) If Wilder would have beaten Povetkin, you have to say Fury´s wins over Wlad and Wilder are better then AJ´s wins over Wlad an Povetkin, simply because Wilder > Povetkin.

    2) If Povetkin would have beaten Wilder, you have to say AJ´s wins over Wlad and Povetkin are better then Fury´s wins over Wlad and Wilder, simply becasue Povetkin > Wilder.

    Overall i have to say i count Fury´s win over Wlad higher as AJ´s win over Wlad, simply because Fury defeated Wlad in his K2 world in Germany, while AJ defeated him in a Matchroom event in England (where Wlad could not use his sytle like he did in Germany).

    But if Povetkin would have won against Wilder, there is no real argument to say Fury´s two wins over Wlad/Wilder count more then AJs wins over Wlad/Povetkin.

    I dont know...maybe Wilder could land his equalizer and stops Povetkin like AJ did, only with less punches.
    If not and Povetkin could close the gap very often and pressure Deontay, i can see him stop Wilder.