Did Bob Foster miss out on some big matches at 175?

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  1. SuzieQ49

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    Sep 14, 2005

    did he reign a weak era?

    did he miss out on important fights in mid 70th before retiring like galindez and conteh?

    thoughts on pre title opposition?

    Did he miss out on key players coming up? Torres Pastrano peralta Johnson rematch Mina
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  2. Richard M Murrieta

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    Jul 16, 2019
    Bob Foster fought the title challengers that were available in his era. He won the title on May 24 1968 by kayoing D. Tiger in round 4. He had 14 title defenses before retiring in June 1974 after his 15 round draw against Jorge Ahumada of Argentina. Foster defended against the likes of Frankie De Paula, Andy Kendall, Mark Tessman, Brian Kelly, Tommy Hicks, Chris Finnegan, Mike Quarry, and Pierre Fourie. He unified the World Light heavyweight title, knocking out WBA Champion Vicente Rondon on April 1 1972 in round 2. No era is weak, every individual young and old likes their own generation. It's a matter of taste, getting a big name to fight today is like pulling teeth. Foster could have defended against WBC no. 1 contender John Conteh in 1974 but Bob realized his skills had eroded with time, he could have also defended against WBA no. 1 challenger Victor Galindez but again, Foster wanted to retire a winner. A champion can only fight what is put in front of him, there was only one Muhammad Ali, who called out challengers. Calling out opponents is like something out of the WWE. Not many fighters retired with their belts. The only weakness that plagued Foster was that he could never beat a heavyweight.
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    Jun 8, 2022
    He fought who was around,I don't blame him for giving Galindez and Conteh a miss,he was past his best.I beleive he had to give Tiger all the money to get his title shot?
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    Sep 25, 2020
    No. He was unrivaled at LHW. The Golden Age appeared some years later.
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    Jan 14, 2022
    I have bashed Foster's resume quite a bit lately, and it might of came across that i dislike him. That's not the case i really enjoy his fights and KO's, and i will be fair to him and say it's not his fault that his era was not the strongest. And you can only beat who's infront of you, which he did very successfully for a many number of years.

    But as i've said a few times lately and it has to be said again, that yes Foster's era was not the best. And the Light Heavyweight era that came after him was the best era ever for Light Heavyweights. And it is a real pity that Foster never got a chance to face off against some of those legends.

    But what i will say finally is that despite Foster's resume being somewhat so and so. That doesn't mean i don't favour him very favourably H2H, against some of the best Light Heavyweights which i do. A 6'3 monster puncher with a great jab, is always going to be a stylistic nightmare for any Light Heavyweight of the past or present.
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  6. SuzieQ49

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    Sep 14, 2005
    some years later? Conteh and Galindez were # 1 in 1974

    and on his way up Pastrano and Torres were around. No rematch with Mauro Mina
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    Feb 17, 2008
    Foster did the rarest thing in the sport===he was the old guy in the ring facing a cutie pie and youthful Mike Quarry. What you almost always see is the ols guy looking old and not landing on the safety first fighters. Guys like Quarry get by on their brains and not taking chances.......just how often do you see those guys suffering a 1 punch ko? The bout ruined Quarry and you just do not see these matches very often and you just do not see those results.

    And how many guys come back and still defend their title after that brutal loss to Frazier? Or that long sustained beating by Ali? And how many would move up in weight for those bouts anyway? And Ali was not even for a title. So here we have a huge risk taker that we have not experienced since. Imagine if Foster was a picker and chooser and he would never had tried moving to heavy.
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