Did The SRL Loss, Hurt Hagler s Legacy?

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  1. Mteslamiller

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    Apr 20, 2022
    I believe that Hagler’s loss to Leonard hurt his legacy a bit with some people. But it didn’t with me. There’s no shame in losing to another all time great fighter. It was a good fight, and a close one. I believe that Leonard deserved the decision. I feel that Leonard was the greater fighter but Hagler was pretty close. Of fighters active since the year 1900 I rank Ray Leonard at no. 8 and Marvin Hagler at no. 12. So to me, Hagler’s legacy was undiminished.—Mark
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    May 13, 2014
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    Jan 8, 2017
    Well keep up the good work!
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    Mar 19, 2021
    it's no coincidence that Ray lost those two fights

    both had the speed to beat him

    both were multi dimensional fighters

    and both exploited Leonard's weaknesses

    the 154 pounds wasn't a problem. 160 was too high for Leonard anyways and the extra weight slowed him down

    but as we saw in the previous bout, his legs, his reflexes carried him to an easy points win over a legend who had just won one of his most impressive career wins over Barkley

    He just coudnt do it with Norris

    Camacho is a different story.

    Hector, although shot himself, and much smaller, proved himself the more complete fighter, and like Norris, exploited Leonard's weakness.es, this time working on cracking his chin

    A prime vs prime Hagler Leonard?

    I'll go with the smart money. Hagler of course

    I like Hagler either by knockout or by way of his infamous right hook through repetitive tearing of the skin through long range jabs & crosses (and a few well placed body shots)

    anyone insisting prime Leonard had the style to whip prime Hagler, is trolling and should be ignored
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    Oct 22, 2015
    Amen brother, Amen nothing else needs to be said.
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    Jun 30, 2005
    Maybe slightly to some people. I don’t think much of it taking away from Hagler.

    The fight is one of the most evenly debated decisions ever. Both guys had seen better days. Hagler peaked from around 81-83, and was slowing down since Roldan. The decline in his movement and defensive reflexes was very evident in his last couple fights.

    Leonard peaked from around 79-82 and was a smaller guy. He had not had an official fight in three years and didn’t look good in that Howard fight anyway. His reflexes and speed were sharp, but his stamina clearly suffered. Manny Steward said Ray’s stamina was as good as any fighter ever. He finished Montreal so strong in the 15th after being brutalized to the body, but was clearly showing fatigue in the mid rounds against Marvin.
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    Apr 20, 2022
    I beg to differ. I have seen many bouts of both fighters in their prime, and I have always felt that Leonard would win if they ever met.These are two of the top 15 fighters of all time. It’d be a tough fight, but Sugar Ray’s speed and boxing ability would make the difference. Leonard had the skill, speed, durability, and will to prevail. If others believe differently, that’s fine. To each his own—Mark
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    Mar 31, 2021
    Yes, he was a coward for not fighting Hagler like a man.

    Hagler still beat him. Shoe shinning don't ****ing count. You need to beat the champ, not tap him.

    Hearns was beating his arse until he got tired.
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    Apr 27, 2005
    What a load of rot.

    Another load of rot. Richard Steele is on record as saying Leonard was landing most of the harder punches. He's also on record saying Leonard won that fight. He was probably a bit closer to the action than your good self.

    Yet another load of rot. What part of boxing doesn't include stamina and endurance? Do you think Leonard didn't contribute to said tiredness? I shouldn't be surprised.

    We can only imagine how good Leonard might have been if only he had the heart, courage and steel of the legendary "White Bomber".
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    Jul 14, 2009
    I do not think so. The fight was close and could have gone each way. And Leonard is also an ATG
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