Diego Fierreira will RETIRE Pettis

Discussion in 'MMA Forum' started by UnleashtheFURY, Jan 16, 2020.

  1. UnleashtheFURY

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    Sep 29, 2012
    Terrible matchup for Pettis. The UFC clearly want him gone if they're making this fight. Fierreira will wear him down with intense physical pressure and stop him in th 2nd-3rd round. Pettis' career will effectively be over after this.
  2. Francis75

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    Oct 1, 2007
    I think Pettis is too good on the floor to get subbed by Ferreira imo so I only see Ferreira winning if he is able to get Pettis down and keep him down for a boring type decision. Pettis has lost a lot of fights over recent years but they were all against fairly top level opposition whereas Ferreira has beaten nobody of note in his whole career.

    I would pick Pettis to win a clear decision or possible tko. I'm not a fan of Pettis anymore. All I hear out of the guy is pathetic excuses when he loses. Remember when he quit like a dog against Tferg crying about a broken hand that was NOT broken. Now this week he was crying to Ariel Helwani that he cut himself closing a lid on a USADA bottle in the locker room before his fight with Diaz. He cut his thumb apparently and is now crying and threatening to sue USADA. The idiot cut his own thumb by screwing a lid on a bottle. Sounds like his own fault. Maybe he should sue himself.
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  3. ForemanJab

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    May 8, 2014
    Yeah he's getting smoked. He couldn't handle pressure even in his prime.
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