Dillian Whyte PED Discussion: Guilty? Not Guilty? Who Cares?

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Do you think Whyte deliberately took a PED?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. Maybe

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  4. Who Cares?

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  1. elmaldito

    elmaldito Obsessed with Boxing Full Member

    Jun 11, 2009
    Who cares,
    Match him up with mike hunter as punishment.
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  2. BoJangles

    BoJangles Boxing Addict Full Member

    Apr 27, 2013
    All these Roider's should have to fight each other fully Roided!!

    a Roids Heavyweight Eliminator!!
  3. The Professor

    The Professor Moderator Staff Member

    Sep 29, 2008
    That's already going on, it's called the HW division
  4. Sephiroth Rising 7

    Sephiroth Rising 7 'No tears please!' booted Full Member

    Sep 27, 2016
    Dillian Whyte in gym shadow boxing alone in his changing room.

    Dean Whyte - Yo How you feeling bro, you ready to go?

    Dillian – Lets Goooooo. Let’’ss Gooooo hahahaa

    Dean – That’s what I like to hear fam. It’s good to see the people’s champ in good spirit yeah! Should be easy work bro, but have to say this Rivas guy looks decent though.

    Dillian: '' yea, ya know me bro , I’m a warrior I’ll fight anybody. I’m fighting guys no one else wants to fight. Rivas is a top fighter. Remember he’s an Olympian so he’s no pushover. He beat a lot of top guys at an amateur. He beat Pulev and he stopped Jennings inside the distance, so you know he’s no mug. 25-0, That doesn’t happen for no reason and mans at the top been avoiding him for long time ye see.

    Dean – true true he’s got pedigree but you got this bro

    Whyte; I know but on paper this is a proper 50 50

    Eddie Hearn shadow looms over the room as he walks through the door

    Eddie: '' It is no small thing to defeat an undefeated fighter with so much at stake when you are ill equipped . As you well know, we do not have it so, that our main fighters participate in genuine 50/50’s without the odds being in our favour. Which is why today I have a special treat to increase the odds of you winning Mr Dillian.

    Whyte: ''What you tarking bout Eddie? I’m always preperd and ready!''

    Eddie Hearn: '' I beg your pardon??''

    Dillian:‘’ Sorry boss, I mean Suh Eddie''

    Eddie Hearn: I’m talking about an upgrade in order to enhance your capabilities''

    Dean Whyte: '' Steroids?''

    Hearn: '' Well, we don’t like to use that term here. I prefer to say performance leveller. There is no doubt in my mind Rivas will be using something to his own advantage so it’s in Dillian’s own best interest to ensure that he is sufficiently upgraded so he is fighting on an equal playing field''

    Dean: ''Nah bruv this sounds too dodgy like''

    *Phone rings, Eddie picks up

    Barry Hearn: ''Has Dillian has been given his dosage?''

    Eddie: ''I’m with the fighter as of this time Father, accompanied with the chemist that you advocated''

    Barry – ‘’Good

    Now Remember my dear son, there can be no margin for error, we need Dilian to be at his peak performance for this fight which is why I have advised he be given maximum dosage. After this cycle, he will be Bigger, Stronger. Faster and more powerful than he ever was before.’’

    I believe we have found the perfect anabolic formula that is suited to his needs. His body should be able to tolerate the considerable large dose, since we have no time to let it slowly build up in his system. This leveller will help push him past his limitations as the crude one dimensional fighter that he currently is today. He will not even require assistance from our sponsored referees and he will be able to go the 12 rounds without risk of him fall over himself. There are indeed a few risks involved however that is not of our concern. Our number one priority of course is to forge opportunity to bring those belts back to matchroom and I will do everything in my power to ensure that happens.’’

    Eddie Hearn: ‘’Of course father, Your will, my hands.’’

    Barry Hearn: '' A reminder will not go amiss to ensure Dillian does not shave his hair after the fight so the tests are not compromised. However in the event of any adverse test findings then I would simply advise, that you distance yourself from Dillian. Hold a presser or set up one of those trendy kugan interviews in a pub or at his house and simply inform the public that outside of promotional dealings, you never knew of him.''

    Eddie Hearn: ''Yes Father''

    Barry: ''One last thing. After you have finished treating Dillian, have both young Oliver and Charles carefully collect all traces of paraphernalia from the the gym, then have them attend the home of Dillian in Brixton so they can leave the evidence scattered across one of his bedrooms. Please ensure when they arrive in the town, they are accompanied by sufficient security who do not allow any of the locals in that area to stand or walk at arm’s length distance, beside either young Oliver or Charles. I cannot afford to have any one touch, ruin or blemish my two favourite young boys. Other than myself, only Adam Smith is afforded with such privilege.''

    Eddie : ''Understood Father. rest assured everything will be taken of.''

    Barry: ''Oh and if you don’t mind please don’t forget to bring a few cheeky crates of stella for your old man, will you, you know the usual.:

    Sudden downbeat expression descends upon Eddie's face:

    Eddie: ‘'Sure. Hangs up phone

    ‘’Righto Mr chemo chemist boy, I need you to deliver 100mg of Dianbol to Dillian’’

    Matchroom Chemist Goon:

    ‘’’ Forgive me Sir Eddie, but if he is given the maximum dosage, Dillian could easily overdose which could prove fatal.

    Dianabol can be extremely dangerous if used in excess, though that’s not denying its effectiveness if delivered at reasonable dosage which is between the 30-50mg threshold. Clinical studies have shown going above those levels is proven to be unsafe for human use. This is an old drug which was developed shortly after ww2 back around in the 1950’s.

    Many professional athletes have discontinued with it for that reason alone, since there are smarter, safer and less easily detective levellers on the market. Only desperate greasy hair line receding gym rats still take it to this day. Sure there are the benefits of increased muscle mass, ceaseless endurance levels, resistance to pain but the risks are huge here Sir Eddie

    The dosage you are advising could kill Dillian. That’s not to mention the risk posed to Rivas' own life considering his recent eye injury and brain being venerable after undergoing several surgical operations. it would only require a single punch from Dillian to potentially end Rivas’ life, considering the extra force and power this drug provides.

    We must also take into consideration that there’s already been 2 tragic deaths this past week, and boxing’s reputation and credibility is at an all-time low. it would simply be catastrophic for both British boxing and our own reputation as a business renowned for safeguarding our fighters if another one happens to occurs this weekend. Not to mention the potential and high possibility of the drug flagging up on a VADA test.

    It is paramount that we exercise caution in this instance''

    Hearn: ‘’Fall to command and administer the dose without delay!

    And If anyone here so happens to see themselves as some kind of health care provider or some tiddly winks good Samaritan, they are free to leave and join the NHS or some other kind of bleeding heart charity. Never forget this is Match room boxing you all serve and never forget that our business comes first''

    Mr Chemist Goon : ''My apologies, Sir Eddie. I will administer the dose as commanded''.

    Dean Whyte: ''Nah bruv, my bro isn’t taking that ****, ain’t no way that’s happening bruv. He ain’t about that life. That baby ting ain’t no joke, that’s sum nother level ****, leave my bro alone, let him fight clean fam. This **** ain’t right''

    Eddie Hearn: ''This is not of your concern. Let me warn you that you should be very mindful of that tone of yours. You wouldn't want word to get out that you are not his real brother, Besides Dillian will take what has already been prescribed, isn’t that right Dillian!''

    Dillian: ''I don’t know Mr Suh Eddie, this stuff you’re tarking, don’t sound too safe like, you know me Mister Suh Boss Eddie, I’m open to most tings like, but this I just want to fight and don’t want to jeopardize my mandatory. You know I am a warriorI don’t need no extra juice to deal with this chump, I’m just going to focus on executing my game plan and get the win, you get me?''

    Eddie Hearn ‘’You forget your place. Is it already long forgotten from memory when you were fighting inside night clubs at the bottom of the scrap heap before I gave you opportunity against Joshua when he knocked your head off? Now you think you are in position to make decision. I’m the only reason why you sit here and are able to speak of any mandatory position.

    And what do you think my father would say, if he heard word of you asking me questions?’’

    * Dillian Shakes head nervously: ‘’No… no ..no please SUH, Mister don’t tell Barry suh, I didn’t knows what I were saying suh!''

    Eddie Hearn; ''Are we clear on where we stand?''

    Dillian: ''Yessss Suh'' * bows head

    Dean Whyte: ''What the hell are you going to do when Dillian fails the test because you’ve given him steroids?''

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  5. Sephiroth Rising 7

    Sephiroth Rising 7 'No tears please!' booted Full Member

    Sep 27, 2016
    Eddie Hearn '' You need not worry. We will dispose of his samples and use a dummy sample to bypass VADA tests. My men will send a clean sample from another athlete with the same blood type, to both UKAD and the BBBofc who will take care of the rest''

    Dean: ''Nah fam, my brother doesn’t need to go along with any of your crazy schemes fam!''

    Eddie Hearn: '' Let me remind you that he has a contract with Matchroom which clearly stipulates that my will is your brother’s will.''

    Dean Whtye ''What??? what about what all that big talk from your pops Barry Hearn. He told everyone that he’s no longer a slaver trader and where now you’re all working for the fighters?''

    Eddie Hearn * laughs maniacally

    ''It’s called Public relations. We have to placate and appease the casual audience and reassure them that we’re all above board.''

    Matchroom and my old man haven’t changed our ways and methods since those days, we’ve simply refined a few aspects but the model is pretty much the same. We’ve learned the art of chewing the meat and discarding with what is considered bones. The fighters work for us, since we put their names on the map. We always hold our end of the bargain and deliver the goods so all our fighters receive a handsome sum for their services, while affording them with many privileges. We allow our stock to eat, ensuring their bellies are filled, drink and enjoy themselves occasionally when permitted.

    Be sure to know Dillian would be nothing without Matchroom. We’re now trying to help propel his career to new heights through ensuring victory against Rivas''

    Dean: ''Look bruv I don’t want no beef, but I ain’t letting my bro take that ****, he can win without going down that road, one he’s already been down before even dou he and his camp din know nuffin about that Jack3D ****''

    Eddie Hearn: '' Don’t be so naïve, that dose was all planned and orchestrated through me You think it was by accident that he had bigger nipples than my wife? Hey? Even though Dillian wasn’t signed with us back then, we couldn’t afford for him to progress so fast while Joshua was just starting out. ''

    Now that it is clear that Joshua’s chin can no longer be trusted, your brother has now been honored with opportunity to take Joshua’s place and and become the face of Matchroom at HW. Something which both you and dillian should be eternally grateful for''

    Dean: ''You mean you spiked his drink?''

    Eddie. ''You assume that I would be willing to get my hands dirty. I only instructed his camp to spike his supplements so he would fail. That’s why you never saw them shed any tears of surprise when he was subsequently banned. He was too much of a threat at the time considering the pummelling he gave Josh in the amateurs, we had to delay his development until Joshua progressed further along the way. AJ was far more marketable and profitable.

    Nothing personal, just business. If you want someone to point your fingers at, blame Mark Tibbs. He is supposed to be your brothers friends. It was his hands alone that caused mischief.''

    Dean: 'Fam do you know what you’re saying? You’re taking the **** blud this is next level underhand ****. You’re a criminal Eddie and you expect me to stand here and not do something?''

    Eddie hearn: ''What you going to do, Report me? *laughs, Ukad and the British board of control are two agencies that are under my father’s command. If you were to tell the public do you really think they will take your words over mine? All I have to do is a 5 min interview on Ifilm with Kugs and your name and credibility will be buried. You will be seen as the crackpot brother/friend of Dillian that partakes in concocting silly fanciful conspiracies.''

    Dean Whyte: ‘’Man’s don’t snitch down these ends bruv. You must be tinking of next man. You getting man vexed here. You’re an evil criminal Eddie! ''

    MR bodyguards step in room: ‘’ what’s going on here Sir, is everything ok?’’

    Eddie Hearn – Nothing. Just remove this fool from the premises. In fact have him framed and arrested for assault. We’ll then see who the criminal is!

    Bodyguard goon '' What do you mean Sir?''

    Hearn: ''What I mean is that you get me a ****ing blade, cut me with it and then everyone here will then affirm as witnesses to the police that his brother Dean Whyte assaulted me with a deadly weapon.''

    Bodyguard: ''Will you not punish me if I pierce you?''

    Hearn: ''You will be punished if you do not follow my instruction as commanded. Just ensure you use the blade lightly to draw wound''

    Dean'' Yo my days, You can’t do this fam'' FAMM FAM FAM, DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? I will physically eat you FAM ! Man’s from the ends blud, Mans coming for you blud. You’ll see what it’s really like to really get merked fam

    Eddie Hearn : ''I’ve entertained your nonsense long enough. Boys… have this man restrained. Thomas, come and present the blade and see to it that is sharpened and fit for use.''

    Dillian: ' that’s my brother, don’t do that that’s not cool''

    Hearn - Dr what are you doing? Why is dillian still talking? Administer the leveller now''

    Dillian: Stop Eddie Suh!

    Hearn turns red in anger

    Hearn: ‘’ Strap him down to a chair, tape his bloody mouth and inject the drug NOW!

    Dr injects steroids in Whyte’s neck

    Dillian Whyte eyes roll to the back of his head-

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  6. RevMtS

    RevMtS New Member Full Member

    Sep 30, 2017
    Strange person have far too much time on your hands
  7. Sphillips

    Sphillips Active Member Full Member

    Nov 14, 2017
  8. Badbot

    Badbot Obsessed with Boxing Full Member

    Apr 17, 2011
  9. Ukansodoff

    Ukansodoff Deontay plz stop ducking Joshua. Thank you. Full Member

    Aug 7, 2010
    Has Dillian Whyte been banned? I hear not.
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  10. George Crowcroft

    George Crowcroft The Cincinnati Cobra Full Member

    Mar 3, 2019
  11. Aydamn

    Aydamn Dillian Whyte the REAL Boogeyman Full Member

    Jul 31, 2018
    You are ****ing weird bro, who the **** is going to read all that.

    You are scary levels of creepy :/
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  12. Aydamn

    Aydamn Dillian Whyte the REAL Boogeyman Full Member

    Jul 31, 2018
    2517 WORDS LOL!!!!!

    This content is protected
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  13. Sphillips

    Sphillips Active Member Full Member

    Nov 14, 2017
    I just read it,you sad *******.
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  14. channy

    channy Well-Known Member Full Member

    Feb 2, 2015
    Not one Massa in all of that, so the Hairns are getting better then!!!
  15. Sephiroth Rising 7

    Sephiroth Rising 7 'No tears please!' booted Full Member

    Sep 27, 2016
    They will find a way to weasel out of their predicament.

    The B sample should have been tested for shortly after the fight.

    With such a high profile fighter, they could have easily had the tests done within 48 hours.

    What they have planned is for drugs to completely to be eliminated out of Dillian's system before testing him again so the B sample comes back negative.

    He should be banned for life and charges pressed against both he and Eddie Hearn for the serious nature of their crimes. Dianbol never accidentally gets into ones body to have an atypical test result.

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