Does a victory gain value afterwards?

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    May 7, 2020
    Ask anyone on this forum who’s better between Breazeale and Pulev/Rivas and they’ll all say the two latter are much better. I don’t understand why you’re going out your way to give Wallin’s win over Breazeale credibility. Also what’s up with this strange take that Breazeale has a better record than Rivas? Rivas has at least Bryant Jennings on his resume, who’s Breazeale’s best win? Molina? Ugonoh? Negron? I wouldn’t back any of them against Jennings and that’s including Breazeale who is just awful.
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    Again, you can't read. Rivas is having his last heavyweight fight, and moving to bridger. Also, not only is he diminutive, he has eyesight problems.

    I like Pulev, but he is shot, and no, no one will disagree.
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    “they still got the nerves to say I ain’t fight nobody ... I just make them look like nobody .., Y’all must have Forgot!!!! ... forgot ... forgot!” (Infinite echo)
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