Does AJ hit harder than Vlad did?

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    Jul 22, 2019
    AJs straight looks as powerful as Vlad's. Not the hook which Vlad instead landed in a devastating way. As to AJs uppercuts they are at MikeTyson's level imo.
  2. Glass City Cobra

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    Jan 6, 2017
    Wladmir was more fast twitch and explosive, which is ironic because he would lull the crowd to sleep slowing the pace down with his tried and true jab, grab, back-hump combinations.

    Joshua is more of a clubber but puts combinations together well for such a muscular guy. His fundamentals and balance are excellent and he gets great leverage when he lets his hands go.

    Jab: wlad 8-9/10 AJ 6/10

    AJ still doesn't know how to jab like a big man and doesn't put enough mustard on it. He mostly sticks it out as a range finder or to set up combinations (which he's good at to be fair).

    Right cross: Wlad 9/10 AJ 8/10.

    Both thunderous with the right, Wlad can take your lights out with a single 1-2 while AJ usually needs to land a few of them.

    Left hook: Wlad 9-10/10 AJ 7-8/10

    Wlad's hook is just downright nasty and lethal when he bothers to use it. AJ's is usually between above average to great depending on his balance and stance.

    Uppercut: Wlad 5/10 AJ 9/10

    Wlad just never really developed this shot which is weird as it would have suited his long range game plan well. AJ has one of the most powerful right uppercuts in history now.
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    Mar 10, 2014
    I would not say the majority of Joshua's punches are the hardest - but there is no doubt his uppercuts are different level to any other HWs at the moment. Vicious.
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    Jan 27, 2013

    I like very much to work with scales from 0-10, so its cool to read your post! :D

    Question is: If Wlad´s right cross is "only" a 9, who deserve a 10 here?

    Freddie Roach steted Foreman and Wlad were the hardest hitter´s he´d ever seen, or at least felt the power on the pads. Both of them would hit harder then Tyson.
    Holyfield also stated Foreman had the hardest punch of his opponents.

    So i would say when it comes to right cross, there are not many ppl who deserve a 10, but i would say Wlad is among them, together with Shavers, Foreman and 1-2 others, so overall not much more then 5 people.

    I would say Shavers deserve a 10+, which means he is considered overall the Nr. 1 in that area.

    A Prime Ali for example would be the only one to get this 10+ when it comes to footwork which was unique in Heavyweight boxing to this day, and in handspeed he would get a 10+ too. (his handspeed was measured frame-by-frame in 1969, and it was even a little bit faster then Robinson´s, and his phantom punch over a distance of a bout 15.7inches (40cm) was timed in 0.04 seconds).

    10+ = Shavers
    10 = Foreman, Wlad, and at best 2-3 others, maybe Cooney and/or Lyle
    9 = Lewis and others
    8 = AJ, Vitali and others

    Something like that.
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    Jan 10, 2007
    As the fight vs Pulev showed, Wlad's left hook is harder punch than any of AJ punches (either straight right hand or uppercuts).
    Nothing strange about it though as Wlad is one of the hardest hitters in HW history.

    AJ still has excellent power but not on the level of Wlad who dropped Pulev with single left hooks twice early in the fight and then laid him out cold with single shot.
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    Apr 22, 2012
    No lol.

    A Joshua hits hard.
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    Jan 6, 2017
    It depends with Wlad. In some fights his power is just jaw dropping and in other fights his opponents seem to shrug it off.

    For instance, Pulev and Chambers are 2 very good fighters who are difficult to stop so it's noteworthy that Wlad iced them in such a dominant fashion.

    Then you get weird fights like Samuel Peter 1 and Brewster who showed him no respect and just walked through him and beat his ass like a drum. You never saw that happen to someone like Foreman, Liston, or Vitali (which is weird because Vitali definitely doesn't hit as hard as his brother).

    Guys like Wach and Puritty whom he hit with every thing but the kitchen sink and couldn't put a dent in them.

    His power is inconsistent. But we've seen enough to know it's bare minimum a 9 when he lets his hands go and puts all his weight behind a shot.

    Maybe it's a psychological thing? When he was younger he was a lot more aggressive and was knocking guys silly before he himself started getting dropped heavily and it made him a more effective but much more boring boxer (similar to Lewis).

    It's interesting hearing Freddie Roach say that. When did he hold mitts for him, when Wlad was younger or older? I'm not completely against giving him a 10, but let's put it another way: do you see Joshua surviving if Wilder or Shavers hit him with the same right hand Wlad dropped him with? What about Povetkin?