Does anyone find Tyson vs. Holyfield I very overrated?

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  1. Saintpat

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    Jun 26, 2009
    Go back and look at the Lewis-Ruddock fight.

    Razor kept dipping to his right and throwing a jab to the body. Lennox picked up on this and near the end of the round was waiting when Ruddock tried it again and he threw a vicious straight right, all his weight behind it —because he was waiting for the opportunity next time Razor threw the jab to the body because his head went to the same position each time — at a downward angle that did all the damage needed.

    Not sure Razor even saw the punch, which is always the most effective punch when you don’t see it coming.

    That is entirely different from the way Tyson had to approach him. That’s why I don’t see ‘80s Tyson taking Ruddock out easily because that scenario never presents itself. Punching power is the last thing to go and whatever you think of Tyson at the point in his career where he fought the Ruddock fights, he wasn’t punching harder in the ‘80s than he was then.
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    Jul 23, 2010
    The night of the fight I was working the graveyard shift in Hartford Connecticut. I was at a gas station and I started hearing gunshots going off all over the city, and dozens of cars beeping their horns. I asked a guy what was going on, and that's how I found out Holyfield had knocked out Tyson.