Does Earnie Shavers hit harder than [some other boxer who also hit hard]?

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Who hits harder?

  1. Earnie Shavers

  2. That other boxer who also hits hard

  3. Benny Leonard

  1. Pugguy

    Pugguy Active Member Full Member

    Aug 22, 2021
    Yeah, silly old cows. Mind you, I didn’t know cattle punching was a literal thing. Go figure.

    Update: Couldn’t Break An Egg Earnie has nosed in front of Lights Out Lunatic Leonard by 2 votes. I still haven’t cast my vote yet - and I can be bought. Anyone?
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  2. Rakesh

    Rakesh Active Member Full Member

    Jul 6, 2021
    Where's the Amir Khan option?
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  3. White Bomber

    White Bomber Well-Known Member Full Member

    Mar 31, 2021
    I don't understand this thread. Who are we comparing Shavers to ?
  4. cross_trainer

    cross_trainer Bergeron Avatar Club Full Member

    Jun 30, 2005
    I'm sure whoever it is, he's been compared to Shavers before in other, saner threads.
  5. Dubblechin

    Dubblechin Obsessed with Boxing Full Member

    Jun 25, 2014
    Yet, somehow, Ali, Holmes (twice), Cobb, Lyle, Tillis and Stander all beat him, Caldwell didn't lose to him, and Bugner got stopped on cuts.

    It's always funny to me when a guy like Tillis, who got knocked out 11 times, claims a who guy he (Tillis) beat was actually the hardest puncher.
  6. OP_TheJawBreaker

    OP_TheJawBreaker NOBODY hit like that guy! Full Member

    Jun 23, 2021
    Funny how Tyson went 4-0 against the hardest puncher he claimed (Ruddock, Bruno)
    Funny how SRR knocked out the hardest puncher he claimed (Levine)
    Funny how Roy got knocked out a lot said Sosa hit the hardest by far
    Funny how Liston went 2-0 against the hardest puncher he faced (Cleveland Williams)
    Funny how Foreman knocked out the hardest puncher he faced (Ron Lyle)
    Funy how Satterfield got knocked out a sh*t load of times but knocked out the hardest puncher he claimed (Cleveland Williams)

    He got knocked out

    Tilis was knocked out by Thomas, Witherspoon and Page. It depends if you wanna think they hit harder than Shavers and Tyson.
    I don't know why the hell a lot of people has a problem when guys won against Shavers said he hit the hardest. There's a lot of boxers who said the guys they won hit the hardest yet no one argued with it, but when they won against Shavers... they're VeRy SusPiCioUs and OveRrAtEd like WTF??? I'm sorry, who went in the ring with Shavers again??

    Oh yeah btw, Tilis ranks the hardest punchers like this:
    1. Shavers
    2. Morrison
    3. Tyson
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  7. cross_trainer

    cross_trainer Bergeron Avatar Club Full Member

    Jun 30, 2005
    The people who beat him and lost to him alike say he was the hardest puncher they faced. I began skeptical of Shavers's testimonials, but they have cumulative weight. They're probably not all lying.
  8. Bah Lance

    Bah Lance Active Member Full Member

    Apr 29, 2019
    It's quite amusing that so much stock is put into size and it's equation to power and strength.

    Yet so many are quick to universally accept a 6'0" 200-214 lb in shape man as the hardest hitter of all time.

    Wouldn't Shavers punches just bounce off the skulls of modern super heavies? He's cruiser know cruisers rehydrate to 210-220 lbs right? .name one cruiser today or any 200-215 lb men with bad defense known for destructive mythical punching power?
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  9. Barrf

    Barrf Member Full Member

    Sep 19, 2021
    For me, it's the fact that both guys who beat him and guys who got beat by him all rate him the highest.

    About the only one who didn't give him credit was Quarry, but Quarry basically curb stomped him. I don't think Earnie ever got a clean shot off against Quarry.
  10. RulesMakeItInteresting

    RulesMakeItInteresting Boxing Addict Full Member

    Mar 23, 2019
    Absolutely not. Fury, Wilder, Joshua, and Wlad would have been knocked silly if caught flush, no doubt there.
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  11. Pugguy

    Pugguy Active Member Full Member

    Aug 22, 2021
    When did this thread turn serious? That's hardly the spirit.

    I had the peerless Larmar Clark trump card pulled out my back pocket, ready to play (now, quietly slides card back in lest anyone notices)

    Here's a thought: sometimes when fighters are hit sufficiently hard for a KO they don't have a lot to say about after the fact, a total wipe out of mind and body. After being leveled by Hearns, I don't recall that Duran said anything like seeing the white light beckoning him, angels singing, harps playing, etc. - you know, the whole superlative nine yards.

    Actually, when they did peel Roberto off the deck it appeared that he might've said "What happened" but other pundits have said that wasn't possible since he didn't speak of word of English (I don't know that for a fact though). Maybe he asked "What's for dinner?" or "Mamma?"
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  12. Entaowed

    Entaowed Boxing Addict Full Member

    Dec 16, 2012
    This is a great post!
    The takeaway is that people often lack intellectual rigor: punch power does *not* show you are even likely to win, let alone cannot be KOed yourself.
    Just like punching technique, accuracy, volume, combinations can mean much more than the single factor of raw power.
    It is childish to assume that cartoonish power must mean you win-maybe you rely on it too much & thus develop other abilities less, such as happened with Ruddock.
    By the way there was one other fighter Foreman formally fough that he put up there with Lyle-& WIlliams-& he kocked out Cooney too.

    Now size is important & ir roughly correlates with power.
    But not exactly, & there are diminishing returns after a certain point.
    So yes a 6' 210 lb. fighter might well hit the hardest ever. Or maybe it was some SHW.
    But just derisively adding "with poor defense" betrays ignorance-what do those skills have to do with how hard someone can hit?

    The fact that *at least* 11 people said Shavers hit the hardest-& they cumaltively faced some of the hardest punchers around, Foreman, Tyson, & many others-& I am aware of *nobody* who absorbed real shots from Shavers who did not name him as the hardest hitter, win or lose...

    Yeah he almost certainly did have that outlier level of power born of genetics, practice/technique, speed of delivery, heavy hands, long arms etc.
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  13. ronnyrains

    ronnyrains Active Member Full Member

    May 27, 2014
    A Foreman-Shavers 1970'S scrap might very well have been another FOREMAN/LYLE. monies on Foreman of course, but like they say anything can happen with punchers like these guys!
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  14. djanders

    djanders Boxing Addict Full Member

    Feb 21, 2009
    Yes. That other guy punches like my wife.

    Uh. Back up this train. I take it all back before she decks me with her mystery punch. (The mystery is: "Will I ever get to my feet again again?")
  15. ronnyrains

    ronnyrains Active Member Full Member

    May 27, 2014
    djanders 6-5 pick em
    lay 6 to win 5, (I'm rooting for ya )
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