Dominated in their first career loss

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    Jan 22, 2008
    I thought about this when posting. If it were a fight like, say, Ali-Lyle I'd agree that Lyle was certainly not dominated. But Ali had George's number all the way, coming and going. His domination started in Africa (and before - see the Foreman-Norton broadcast) before the fight with the mind games and the way Ali was celebrated and George ignored or boo'd. Then Ali fought a masterful fight, technically and psychologically, before the TKO. In the months and years after the fight George was a mess. Ali continued to taunt him. It took ages for Foreman to get his head back together. I think he was pretty thoroughly dominated.
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    I don't bother with Ali's typical prefight antics. It would have been a domination if Ali himself had not taken a hammering.
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    May 27, 2014
    Danny "Little Red" Lpoez vs Bobby Chacon
    Johnny "the Heat" Verderosa vs Cornelious Boza Edwards
    Alphonso Zamora vs Carlos Zarate (A WAR!)
    Bobby Chacon vs Ruben Olivares.
    Mike Quarry vs Bob Foster
    Jerry Quarry vs Eddie "Professor" Machen (Not Big time domination)
    Joey Orbillo vs Eddie "Professor" Machen (Not Big time domination)
    Joe Frazier vs George Foreman
    Ken Norton vs Jose Luis Garcia
    Ron Lyle vs Jerry Quarry
    Mac Foster vs Jerry Quarry
    Duane Bobick vs Ken Norton
    Mike Rossman vs Mike Nixon (Not Big time domination)
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