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    Oct 18, 2021
    As someone who does boxing on his own,no gym,no sparring partners,no mitts etc. I made easy to follow training to get you strong,healthy and possibly better at boxing.
    I said "possibly" as this is a workout of someone who doesn't compete at all and hardly ever spars if my friends are up to it,so don't expect anything too big
    As someone who doesn't have time at all,I wanted to make this as short and as effective as possible,but at the end I'll write down the things I would like to change and improve on if I have more time in the future,let's get to it already lmao
    Every strength session is split into different movements,one day it's pull ups,dips and squats,the other day it's inverted rows,chin ups,push ups etc. etc.

    Monday: shadowboxing,footwork drills,strength
    Shadow boxing 3 rounds
    Footwork drills 2 rounds
    Weighted pull ups 5x5
    Weighted dips 5x5
    Weighted squats 5x5
    Chin ups 4x8
    Dips 4x8
    Weighted squats 4x8 (light weight)

    8-10 rounds of different punching combinations on the heavy bag
    3-5 rounds of shadow boxing
    4-8 rounds of jump rope
    After that I usually do pylo push ups and weighted shadow boxing for my punching power and speed and couple of sets of knuckle push ups for my fist conditioning
    +ab work of choice,I'll leave my ab work routine at the end,since it's preatty easy to follow

    Wednesday: shadowboxing,strength
    Shadow box 3-5 rounds
    Inverted rows 5x8-10
    Weighted pull ups 5x5
    Weighted push ups 5x10
    Pistol squats 5x6
    Push ups 4x15
    Hindu squat 5x20

    Thursday: the same as the tuesday workout

    Friday: light boxing,strenght
    Heavy bag 4-6 rounds
    Weighted pull ups 5x5
    Weighted dips 5x5
    Weighted squats 5x5
    Chin ups 5x6
    Dips 5x6
    Weighted squats 4x8 (light weight)

    Saturday: boxing,strenght,running
    Heavy bag 4-6 rounds,two of which some combination of choice
    Shadow box 2-4 rounds
    Weighted push ups 3x10
    Push ups 3x15
    Jogging/moderate pace running 2-6 km
    Sprinting 500m-2km

    Sunday: active recovery of choice

    Ab work:
    Super set 1: leg raises 3x20,heel touches 3x20
    Super set 2: plank 3x30sec,knee tucks 3x20

    If I were to change one thing about this way of working out that would definitely be definitely,I would like to add more of it,also,my workout had to be changed to heavy bag only since my double end bag broke,but I prefer those over heavy bags,also if you have sparring partners or someone to hold mitts for you you could seriously improve this workout plan of mine :)
    Keep up the work :)
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    Sep 16, 2020
    Sadly it is very hard to learn good basics if you do not have live training. With drills and sparring partners in person.

    These bags does have different purposes and applications too. Double end, speed bags, wall attached tools, boxing bags and heavy bags, mittwork and other stuff.

    To economy time I usually did shadow KB/ boxing without interrupts for rounds. OK, I do have not bad gas tank.
    Theh there is bagwork etc stuff, daily exercises for fitness and S/C and running/ swimming etc.
    Plus gym.
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  3. stevic1

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    Oct 18, 2021
    Yeah,this regimen is far from completed,but I sadly don't have the resources to actively go to a boxing gym,since where I live,the closest boxing gym is around 45km away,and as a highschooler I don't have money and time to do it..I figured I probably wasn't the only one so I decided to share this :)
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    Oct 20, 2021
  5. stevic1

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    Oct 18, 2021
    thanks man :)
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    Aug 27, 2021
    Great workout routine. You could possibly add progressions like increase in sets or reps of your workout to get stronger.
  7. stevic1

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    Oct 18, 2021
    thanks! the numbers of sets and reps are the ones that I currently do,they will increase as time goes by :)