Eddie Hearn makes prediction for Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou fight

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    Mar 10, 2022
    Christ I wish I that was the case, but sadly I just didn't articulate my point right. Like I said I don't know much about Ngannou aside from some cursory reading so I'm not sure if he'd really make a go of it, and at that point I was speaking as if he'd be an actual risk. I was meaning to say that as a possible reason AJ's people might not go through with getting the fight made. I should have put that between the possible chinning and saying I didn't know how likely it was.

    I agree AJ losing to a guy on one of his first boxing matches would be hilarious. I didn't used to feel much about him one way or the other, but after that garbage following his loss to Usyk, I kinda wanna see more losses just so we can have more hilarious meltdowns like that. Imagine if he pulls that kind of stuff on some of the less even keeled guys in this sport. Plus in general I just love big upsets like that.
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