Eddie Reveals Fight Camp Schedule

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  1. nurological

    nurological Boxing Addict Full Member

    May 25, 2012
    Why would you be worried? Matchroom are stronger than ever with a huge backer in many countries. I would be excited.
  2. N17

    N17 Obsessed with Boxing Full Member

    Feb 16, 2013

    Go on boxrec, look for anybody that has 0 wins and lost all their fights by KO and Hattons next opponent will be in there somewhere.

    They are desperate for Hatton to stop somebody, they want some highlight reel footage.. the last opponent was given 5 minutes notice and fought at a weight lower.

    I don't know where they go with Hatton, it looks a tough ask to match him well.
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  3. Gatekeeper

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    Oct 18, 2009
    If Matchroom has a backer that doesn't care about making losses at least in the short term then that's fine but with the strategy to DAZN that Eddie is employing basically a carbon copy of what he did on Sky I'd be concerned. A streaming, boxing only online service is very different to being on Sky Sports for a number of reason I don't have time to get into, different kettle of fish entirely.
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  4. nurological

    nurological Boxing Addict Full Member

    May 25, 2012
    This is just the start for DAZN. They do other sports in other countries. Eventually they will here and yes they will lose a **** tonne of money for the next few years, maybe even the next decade.
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  5. Inglis_1

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    Aug 4, 2018
    Yeah good on him if the fight goes ahead, a massive step up from what he's been facing thats for sure.
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  6. N17

    N17 Obsessed with Boxing Full Member

    Feb 16, 2013
    Me too, It reeks of Kelly Vs Avanesyen, the sudden steep step up that goes sideways.

    But they have to start gambling with Buatsi, they can't keep saying he is a future world champion while he is beating up overmatched opponents.
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  7. Saintpat

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    Jun 26, 2009
    Busy schedule for TBA
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  8. aaaaa

    aaaaa Ash Full Member

    Dec 19, 2020
    Typical Matchroom. What happened to Game. Changed.

    Also a typical Benn opponent. Lost to everyone decent he's fought and now clearly past his best. 'Nobodies done what I did to him tonight Kugan'.
  9. Trafford

    Trafford Well-Known Member Full Member

    Sep 29, 2018
    From some of the whispers I had heard some fights fell out or could not get signed for various reasons Fitzgerald vs Rose, Okolie vs mando, fury vs fedosov, Babic vs Webb, Barrett vs Martinez, cordina vs Ziani,
  10. KermitTheFrog

    KermitTheFrog Swinging on Hearn’s nuts Full Member

    Sep 5, 2012
    Mouth watering.

    The only thing that confuses me is that the posh twot from DAZN has said they have no immediate plans to do PPV in addition to subscription, but surely a couple of those are PPV worthy.
  11. Skyver

    Skyver Active Member Full Member

    Apr 29, 2015
    Yeah granados is usually game as they come and he's been screwed over by the pbc numerous times.if he's motivated he will give Benn a fight imo.
  12. Journey Man

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    Aug 22, 2009
    If you look at the paper, Barrett vs Martinez is crossed out.

    There’s some hidden gems in there. Cullen vs Yildrim will be an action fight very good on the eye. Whilst Buatsi and Bolotniks is a very good fight, it’s **** for Bolotniks. He won this golden contract, against all odds, promised a big deal with a big promoter and he’s still being brought over as an opponent in Eddie’s back garden. I’d be fuming.
  13. Jurgen

    Jurgen Pay Per Pudding Advisor Full Member

    Sep 30, 2016
    DAZN will be PPV for any mediocre/good fight and that will turn subscribers away.

    Only diehards will fork out for the Sky Sports pony over the last 5 years which has become increasingly poor with the standard of cards and fights deteriorating month by month.

    I am giving Eh day until Xmas then will simply unsubscribe if still the same pony.

    Looks like same circus, same pony, extra sub
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  14. KermitTheFrog

    KermitTheFrog Swinging on Hearn’s nuts Full Member

    Sep 5, 2012
    Interesting that Eddie told IFL that Sky is focusing on PPV boxing. Other than (possibly one more) AJ what do they have, more Mayweather exhibitions?
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  15. Surrix

    Surrix Boxing Addict Full Member

    Sep 16, 2020
    Well, doesn't looks that they had picked him for MTK tournament for any other reason than to use him as an opponent for away corner.
    Appeared that they failed, failed heavily.
    Now, I'm not really so sure that they will gave Buatsi fight vs Bolotņiks.
    Reasons here might be enough: not enough well known, might stop Buatsi in distance if s***t will happen and what then? Eddie ofc will have clause but to sell boxer without 0 in record is more difficult. On cards ofc Buatsi will win this one for sure.
    + they might find some still ranked in top 50 opponent Buatsi is able to finish quickly and look very impressive here. This still had been big step up for Buatsi and enough for next fight.

    More or less safely with Bolotņiks might fight boxers like Beterbiev, Bivol.

    His function in big scene ofc looks that will be designated to be used as enough highly ranked opponent for away corner.
    He actually looks that had picked wrong profession because he is not from proper country.
    Germans already had used him as away corner opponent for Nielsen, now most likely some other promotion too will do the same.