Estrada vs Esparza: scandal!

Discussion in 'World Boxing Forum' started by Boxing2019, Nov 2, 2019.

  1. Boxing2019

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    Jul 22, 2019
    An indecorous spectacle. The referee and the doctor should be expelled. Three headbutts and a terrific injury for the poor Esparza.The fight had to be suspended soon. Dont have other words.
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  2. red_roo

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    Nov 17, 2018
    A ref should get Fined for poor performance .
    Like one lad slapping ref not pulling it up for 6 rounds , only cause few spectator's keep yelling out " his slapping for " for two rounds then ref pull's it reminds the boxer to punch with the front of ya fist not the park side .
    Lots of wrong doin need's fixing .
    As well judge's should be fined for bad performance , like that judge at Lenox Lewis v Holyfield first , Where Lewis gave Holyfield beating in every round
    If it wasn't for her every one that bet a wager on Lenox Lewis would of correctly made money's .
    All cee with own eyes Lewis won .
    Just cause of her
    Ceen a fight one boxer sending a punch south of the border in this case how many the ref let's slip got me , the ref pull's it up round 6or7 I think it was
    An still did about 3 more last 3 rounds . But man the challenger Never showed that he was hurt by them but 2 looked like they mite have a little bit he never complained to the ref once . amazing probably thought if the ref can't cee that , not worth it to tell him .
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