Exactly 2 years ago on October 7, Conor was humiliated in the biggest fight in UFC history

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    Jun 12, 2020
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    Prior to the fight, Conor Mcgregor said/did the following things
    -Called Khabib's father a coward
    -Called Khabib's manager a terrorist
    -Threw a metal dolly at the bus, injuring 3 INNOCENT fighters
    -Offered an alcoholic drink to Khabib knowing full well he is a Muslim
    -Called Khabib a smelly glass jawed rat
    -Called Khabib an amateur who is flat footed
    -Said he is going to enjoy stomping on Khabib's head
    -Acted aggressively and tried to throw a kick at Khabib during the weigh ins
    -Said he expected to knock Khabib out in 1 round

    Then, on October 7, he was knocked down, ground and pounded, choked out, spat on (allegedly), jumped by 2 of Khabib's boys, millions of Irish people watched him get destroyed, cried in the dressing room.

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    I loved it.
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    Conor was humiliated due to all the **** he talked pre fight etc and while Khabib dominated like he always does,the fact remains Conor did better then anybody else winning a round in what was his 1st fight in 2 years and it showed in his performance.
    Even at his absolute best Conor would likely lose every time to Khabib but tbh not sure there is many capable of beating khabib.
    Conor will come back and fight again but likely many others who make big money and start having outside business and other distractions will probably never get to that level of 1 of the best combat fighters on the planet he briefly had and will just pick up a few more big paydays.
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    Jun 12, 2020
    I agree, it wouldn't have been as humiliating if it wasn't for the trash talk. Look at Robert Whittaker, Israel beat him pretty badly but people still supported and showed love and respect because he is humble and classy.

    When arrogant trash talkers lose, fans are not so nice. Other examples include Ronda Rousey, TJ Dillashaw, Daniel Cormier was pretty ****y to Jones, Colby against Usman etc. Lesson is back up all your trash talk, don't trash talk, or be prepared to handle the heat.

    As for Conor's performance from an objective, unbiased standpoint, I think Conor does deserve credit. As you mentioned, he did have a 2 year lay off, and an extra $100 million in the bank so maybe the fire wasn't there to continue pushing in the gym. Khabib knew Conor has a weak gas tank and took advantage of it by taking him down in the opening seconds. Then Conor had to worry about the take down and left his guard down.

    Once on the ground, against a Combat sambo champion and bear wrestler since age 9, Conor honestly had no chance, and wrestling, ground game is Conor's weakness. Third round was good for Conor. He came back from a brutal ground and pound and did well and won that round so credit where due.

    Fourth round Conor was just too gassed. He was pummeled in the face again on the ground (less severe than round 2), and after 4 rounds he has no energy left, hes face was battered and bruised, and it was either get severely injured and hospitalized (possibly die) or tap.

    I do think the two sucker punches by two of Khabib's team mate was taking it too far, but Conor had brought it upon himself. He wanted to make it personal, Khabib and his countrymen don't play games like that.

    Sometimes I do feel bad for Conor, but then I think of the time he threw a dolly at a bus injuring three fighters, his 3 sexual assault allegations, sucker punching an elderly man, relentlessly taunting and being disrespectful to all his opponents, mocking Khabib's father's illness calling it a cover up, bringing people's wives, religion into etc.

    -Conor did okay for someone who took 2 years off, had $100 million and went against a stylistic nightmare
    -Like you said, its the non stop trash talk that backfired on him.He tried to get into his head hoping Khabib would pull an Aldo, but it didn't work and when he lost fans showed him no respect
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