Exercise and weight loss

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    Aug 30, 2018

    This is a general fitness query and not to do with boxing training.

    Is there any connection between exercise and subsequent weight loss in terms of when the weight loss occurs?

    During the summer of 2017, I exercised a lot (by my standards anyway) and was also using my exercise bike for an hour each day. The objective was to become fitter, I didn't have a goal in terms of weight loss.

    Anyway, my weight didn't change. But after I stopped exercising my weight began to fall off at such an alarming rate that I ended up seeing a specialist and had a couple of very thorough and unpleasant medical procedures...

    I had lost over a stone in 6 weeks after I stopped exercising.

    This September I started going to a boxercise class and because I found it so hard going I felt that it wasn't enough just to do this once a week, I would have to exercise between the classes as well. I started doing weights and leg exercises on alternate days including going on my exercise bike each day.

    Again, my weight wasn't affected. A couple of weeks ago I had a cold, not a bad one, but it impeded my breathing a bit and I didn't feel I could attend the boxercise classes until it had gone.

    So I didn't exercise for two weeks and what happened?

    The weight started falling off again...

    Why is this? Weight loss starting after a period of exercise has stopped?

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