Female MMA fighter leaves a thief bloodied after he tried to steal her phone

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    Jun 12, 2020
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    A female MMA fighter left a man bloodied on the ground after he allegedly snatched her smartphone from her hand.

    Onlookers watched on in disbelief as the woman, only identified as Brisa, 20, grabbed the man and delivered several blows to his head over the alleged daylight robbery.

    The incident took place in the centre of the tourist hotspot and resort Mar del Plata in the eastern Argentine province of Buenos Aires last Tuesday.

    Brisa was reportedly leaving work when the man grabbed her phone and ran off with it, prompting the MMA fighter to chase him, with the help of a friend.

    Brisa held the man in a headlock on the ground and pulled his hair, local media says, and shouted in his ear as after he was left bleeding.
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