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    Dec 24, 2012
    got a fight on may 24th. Training camp time. this is my log/eating log

    5th Annual Al Harris Memorial, Dinner Card, may 24th 5pm

    Canada,Alberta,stony plain

    come watch if your around

    May 1-

    2,1/2 cups of coffee (1/2 milk), bowl of corn flakes

    Update /8/5/2014

    fight on the 16th

    weight 198lbs
    running 2 miles in 17:30
    6 rounds of shadow boxing, 4 rounds of shadow boxing with 1lb weights. 10 total

    Mashed potatoes gravey, 2 slices of roast and veggies

    Tim hortons extreme italian, honey cruller doughnut

    Tim hortons Wrap, sour cream glazed....

    small amount of mashed potatoes 2 slices of roast with veggies and gravy

    May 2

    Weight:210.2 lbs

    2,1/2 cups of coffe half milk

    bowl of oatmeal with a little bit of ice cream

    2 Mile run

    98ft elevation

    average pace: 8 minutes 45 seconds

    subway Italian bmt

    tim hortons sourcream glazed doughnut

    tim hortons clam chowder soup large

    donair, dads root beer.

    Weekend- may3,4 off days no training/ food logging
    marcos maidana looses to floyd mayweather... all though mayweather is usually really dominant in his victory i don't know that he actually won that one.

    May 5th intermitent fasting day ( Just starting intermittent fasting)
    Carl jr burger+rootbeer(really shoudlnt but sometimes time is short)
    First fast 8 hours

    11 Rounds of shadow boxing keeping a high pace with mouth guard in and gloves on ( attempt to simulate a fight)

    Glass of milk 2 peanut butter and banana sandwhiches
    May 6

    bowl of honey comb

    11 Rounds of shadow boxing keeping a high pace with mouth guard in and gloves on ( attempt to simulate a fight)

    Mashed potatoes and a piece of fish

    May 7

    Coffe1/2milk 2 peanut butter banana sandwiches glass of milk

    Weight 209.4lbs 1:24pm

    Boxing club day


    may 8th

    coffe1/2milk bagel subway roast beef/ice tea tim hortons extreme italian
    30 min light footwork

    pretty obvious where my diet is going wrong now

    may 9th

    6 rounds of light footwork

    may 10

    day off

    may 11

    12 rounds of shadow boxing high intensity (simulating a fight)

    may 12

    12 min shadow boxing warm up
    2 mile run

    may 13

    6 rounds of shadow boxing

    may 14th

    boxing club day

    may 15th/16th 2 days this week off

    may 17th
    2 mile run