Floyd Joy Sinclair's beating of Canelo Alvarez is one of the greatest victories of all time

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    If you went by the hightlights of the fight then you'd come out thinking that Mayweather was way to fast and dominated Canelo, but the reality for people that really want to score a fight as it should, round by round is that Mayweather's workrate diminished past the half way point of the fight and Canelo actually did some good work to the body and landed some good shots upstairs now in the latter half of the fight where Mayweather sensed the speed level was closing to a narrower gap and he wasn't going to take the risks to let his hands go as he did earlier.

    Its been so long since I scored it, but from memory I gave Mayweather the first 5 rounds or so, but from there I had Canelo win 5 out of the last 7 rounds.
    I scored it 7-5 Mayweather, possible 7-4-1, but I do remember that Mayweather only won 7 rounds on my card which is far from the shutout performance a lot of people talk about it being when they discuss that fight.

    Canelo threw very little punches the first 5 rounds as he was way to leary of Mayweather speed coming at him, he'd never seen that kind of quickness and speed, but as the rounds went, Canelo started to assert himself a little more going to the body and having gotten acclimated to Mayweather's speed, took more risks going upstairs.
    Always said that if Canelo would have gotten another opportunity even a couple of years later, he'd have given a much better performance and imo even beaten Mayweather.
    Was'nt to be, I think Mayweather came out of the Canelo fight knowing he was the real deal and as time would pass would improve, in fact Mayweather has always had good things to say about Canelo's skill level as in that second half of that fight he found out Canelo himself knew how to make adjustments.

    Mayweather dominated Canelo the first half, but lost the second half of the fight when the speed difference typically narrows during the course of a fight, plus Canelo was able to make adjustments.

    All of you clowns should watch the second half only so you can see and learn how competitive the fight was the second half.
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    Ive no need to tell anybody anything LOL Its on youtube for all to see. He freaked out went ballistic blabbering in terror sounding like Daffy Duck on crack LOL
    Oh & BTW According to the guy who was stood next to Tony Fluffy didnt "nearly **** himself" he actually did soil his diaper LOL
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    Not even close. If Floyd came back NOW and beat TODAYS Canelo, that would be up there though.
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    Would 2013 Floyd have beaten 2013 Kovalev?
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    Saul Alvarez: I had no answer to Floyd Mayweather
    Saul Alvarez has admitted to having "no answer" to the skills of Floyd Mayweather after being outclassed at the MGM Grand by boxing's pound for pound king.

    From the man himself.
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    You make a great point about people watching only the "highlights" of it instead of watching the entire match. The highlights typically are done to make Mayweather look like he schooled him while ignoring Canelo's best moments. However that highlight video actually do show some of Canelo's big moments, like the left hand in the 2nd round and the sustained attack with Floyd on the ropes in the 10th as I mentioned. (@about 4:20 in the video) Those were some great shots on Mayweather there.

    That highlight vid also shows the tail end of the sequence of Canelo on the ropes earlier in 10th (@4:06 in the video) where he's just picking off and slipping Floyd's shots but you need to watch the whole round as that highlight clip only shows the tail end of that sequence and cuts out when Floyd starts to back off lol.

    As far as your scoring and your going from memory, you definitely need to watch it again if you had Mayweather winning the first 5 rounds and then still ending up with it 7-5. To get to 7-5 you really need to give Canelo several of the early rounds like 2, 3, or 4. You could give Canelo round 6, I scored that round even, but I thought Floyd won rounds 7 and 8 pretty clearly. Round 7 was Floyd's best round and in round 8 Canelo started off well but then Floyd landed some good shots down the stretch and took that round imho. Round 9 was relatively close but I thought Floyd edged it. Canelo really impressed in the 10th, and I thought Round 11 a good comeback round by Floyd. Round 12 was another close round, a very low output round and with Floyd's stalling and getting booed for not engaging + Canelo landing a couple of shots inside on Floyd that's another round that should really go to Canelo.

    So if you give Canelo rounds 3,4,6,10,12 you end up with 7 rounds to 5. If you give him the 2nd as well that's a draw, but personally I don't think he did enough to win round 6, I thought it was truly an even round if there ever was one, Floyd didn't do enough to win it either. 2 is debatable as well, Floyd outlanded him in jabs but Canelo finished strong with that good clean hook. All 3 judges actually gave Floyd round 4 which is puzzling to me as that was one of Canelo's best rounds. Floyd landed the last punch of the 4th which probably is why judges scored it for him but before that last punch Canelo was really working over Floyd, and Floyd wasn't doing any landing himself.

    To give Floyd each of the first 5 rounds though, that's terrible scoring honestly. You said you're going from memory though so you really need to rewatch those rounds again and surely you'll end up at least giving the Can man a couple of those rounds.