Floyd Jr, Sr and Roger make statement on settlement...

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    Apr 14, 2007
    Bernard Hopkins... sensitive Filipino.

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    Hopkins acknowledges the similarity with Pacquiao’s reputational defense. He thinks Pascal crossed the line from prefight hype to slander.

    “I can’t go into the details right now but, yeah, I will be represented on that. I will do what I have to do to defend and protect my reputation from any slander, any libel, anything like this. I worked too hard to get to this level and to stay here. My name, my reputation is, at the end of the day, the only thing I’ve got.

    “I’m taking my name, my reputation, to the grave, not money. So this cannot be comprised like that. I must challenge any allegations like this,” Hopkins said.
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    Apr 14, 2007
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    Is Floyd Sr still alive?
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    I see the racists are out today. Who would have thought...blacks acting racist.

    Doesn't matter though. Floyd, along with the other Mayweaters got bent over and got it country style. And he's still scared of Pac.
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    lol @ the mayweathers eating their own words. :lol:
  6. Pacquiao is owning Floyd's ass out of the ring, called him a scared one day the next he making the Mayweathers make a groveling apology and take them for 10 million.

    A real man might want to get some revenge in the ring.

    Too bad Floyd lacks the balls.
  7. They did't know $hit, and thats why they paid up and said I really sorry Mr Pacquiao you are a great fighter.

    Floyd is Manny's *****.
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    AHAHA! Believe me chop.....that's one of the last thing you'd be capable of doing to me..sue? You serious right now?

    No offense, but you cant even insult me without smelling of struggle.:lol: I've been called a lot of things, but a "garden tool":huh "hoe"....esb has some special folks that's for sure.

    I can picture the whole train wreck now with you trying to "sue" me..:rofl I'd bet a grip on you somehow failing to accomplish that feat. You knuckle head. Stick to construction paper and crayons Chop.....its more your speed.:yep
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    Yea.....kinda agree....his he isn't pulling off that whole image....guy is too nice for that.
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    Mayweathers' should stick to what they have said in the first place. Don't back up now.
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    still gotta take the Test!

    Mayweathers going to want to hurt him now, the lil midgit, but he will do it the smartest way possible.

    Mayweather TKO now
  12. Somebody needs to keep an eye out for the Floyd fanboys on this site.

    It has been a rough few days for them and they could do something stupid.

    Are they all acounted for?
  13. Floyd: Sorry Mr Pacquiao sir, I'm very sorry you are a great fighter, please don't call me out again.

    If Floyd was a real man he might want to dish out his revenge in the ring.

    The boy needs to grow a pair.
  14. And what? Risk the wrath of Manny, don't you know they are all scared.
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    Floyd did the right thing.....a bit late but, cut the guy a little slack. Give him a chance to get the lay of the land and make a decison. The fight won't happen until 2013 anyway so Floyd has time to adjust and work out what he wants to do.

    Why tap his nuts when he's doing something right? I'm sure the settlement is a step towards making the fight.