Floyd Mayweather: When Canelo fought me, he was in his prime, I was an old man. I wasn't in my prime

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    Aug 1, 2012
    Those who accuse Canelo of having favorable scoring DKSAB. People who say that think Canelo GGG 1 was a robbery. But you know better. Winning easily is what Mayweather did to Marquez when he won every round. Winning easily is what Mayweather did to Mosley after the scare in the 2nd round. You can't compare those performance to what happened vs Canelo. Vs Canelo Mayweather was in a much tighter contest. He dealt with Canelo accordingly and did what he had to do to get the win, but you like most fans continue to exaggerate that win.

    The difference with you, is aside from the Mayweather fight, you see through the anti-Canelo BS and you score his matches fairly. But when it comes to the Floyd bout, you're just not giving Canelo any credit whatsoever. Rounds 1-4, 6, 9, 10, and 12 were extremely tight, but you giving most of those rounds to your boy is no surprise.

    As it pertains to the lateral movement vs Canelo, Mayweather at times still showed good movement and footwork. Obviously 36 year old legs are not 23 year old legs, that's pretty much the only aspect of Floyd's game that was better at 23 than at 36, the ability to dance for long periods of time. You discount experience and how much more accurate and calculated of a puncher he became as he got older. And we're seeing the same kind of thing with Canelo. But against Canelo, Floyd still showed he could move around and get out of dodge quickly when he had too. He used a good amount of lateral movement and footwork vs Pacquiao as well. In between those performances he did not show as much lateral movement against Maidana.

    Need I remind you that for years before he fought GGG, people said Canelo had flat feet and were shocked at how much lateral movement he gave GGG in that first fight. Then in the rematch he chose to stay in the pocket. Canelo chose to stand in front of GGG more in the rematch, as Floyd chose to do vs Canelo. These were largely strategy decisions. Ali was still very capable of using consistent lateral motion even late in his career when he was faded, but against Foreman when everyone expected him to use he feet, he surprised everyone and came right at George early on, then went back to the ropes.

    Mayweather's decision to fight Canelo in the pocket for much of the fight was an intelligent strategy because had he boxed and used his footwork more and gave Canelo a lot of lateral motion, it would have looked a lot like how Lara fought Canelo and Floyd wouldn't have been able to step into his punches, and he would have been accused of running away from Canelo as Lara was. Floyd mixed it up by standing toe to toe then using footwork in spurts, which was a good strategy. As I said earlier, the difference between Canelo then and now is his counter punching ability and his ability to use head movement to slip the jab. Canelo's main problem vs Floyd was that he got hit with too many jabs. The jabs were the key to Floyd's victory, you know that, I know that, but when it came to power punching, it was very even. When it came to body punching, Canelo landed a lot on Floyd and many of those jabs and straight to the body were well placed shots between the guard.

    Pimp you can be proud of Floyd's performance vs Canelo and of that win, but you can also admit that it was a chess match and Canelo did have a good amount success vs Mayweather. Not enough to win, but enough to make that a highly entertaining chess match for most of the bout.
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    We all know what hatton got away with that night, absolute murder.
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    Where did I say that ?

    What are you trying to say here?

    The current 168 lb version of Canelo defeats any version of Floyd.

    Floyd won the fignt at pretty much the only time it could have been made.
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    I was certainly a better athlete at 23 than I was at 36, so hes not wrong in that sense.
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    Kostya had little chance there.

    He had to fight Ricky AND David Parris.

    A disgraceful bit of home reffing.
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    100%, worse than the pac v horn fight, thats why those legends lost those fights, under normal circumstances they both win those fights.
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    Neither were prime.

    Canelo was pre prime, Mayweather was past prime.

    Though, in my opinion, Mayweather was closer to his prime than Canelo was, in reality.

    Mayweather had regressed less from his best, than Canelo improved to his best from that fight, imo.

    That being said, if their best versions fought eachother, Mayweather beats Canelo 10 out of 10 times, imo. Hes just all wrong for Canelo. But thats taking nothing away from Canelo. Canelo can beat people Mayweather couldnt beat, imo. Its not always about head to head results when assessing fighters.
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    Well said, this is the key point here, that Mayweather was closer to his prime when they fought. He was arguably still in his prime that night, or very close to it. Canelo on the other hand was nowhere near what he is today. And he had to deal with the catchweight.
    If the best version of Mayweather was 2007 vs Hatton, that's a welterweight. If the best version of Canelo is 2021 against Saunders, that's a Super Middleweight. How would a Welterweight be able to beat a Super Middleweight 10 out of 10 times? SMW is 3 weight classes above welterweight, and we're talking about the P4P King at Super Middleweight. Maywather has never fought above Light Middleweight, and even then he weighed in at like 150 lbs.

    There's no way that any version of Mayweather would beat a Super Middleweight Canelo 10 out of 10 times. And that's taking nothing away from Mayweather. Mayweather would be at a significant weight disadvantage. Not just in terms of fight night weight, but in terms of weigh-in weight. Welterweight Mayweather fighting current Canelo would be like current Canelo fighting Mike Tyson in his prime or Prime Cassius Clay. The best versions of each fighter you would have to favor Canelo simply due to the best version of Canelo being 3 weight classes above the best version of Mayweather.

    You talk about punching power, Canelo at Super Middleweight has devasating one punch KO power. You can't say the best version of each fighter but pretend that weight was equal. If you put the best versions of each fighter in the ring Canelo would have to be the favorite.
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    I still think Mayweather beats Canelo 7/10 to decision, so long as there's no corruption.

    3/10 I see Canelo getting a KO or a KD to separate them.
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    Dec 18, 2019
    Impossible matchup. Clenelo is at his best right now — at 168. So super middle versus a lightweight or early welterweight?

    We know that current Clenelo would break, seriously hurt, and destroy any version of Floyd.
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    Like Canelo couldn't win a decision on Mayweather. Canelo is all wrong for Mayweather because of the head movement. He hadn't developed the ability to slip jabs back when he fought Mayweather. The stars aligned for Mayweather to get Canelo at the right time with a catchweight allowing him to take advantage lf a young, still developing Canelo. And if we're honest, it was still very close.

    Now Canelo is at Super Middleweight, and he has developed the ability to slip jabs. Canelo at this point is a much more physically imposing figure than he was back in 2013. He's become a much bigger puncher than Mayweather ever was. Even if he couldn't drop Mayweather, it would be very difficult for Mayweather to win rounds because Mayweather's greatest weapon is his jab. Canelo would negate that with head movement, and by landing the cleaner shots. Mayweather would be in survival mode all night. 2007 Welterweight Mayweather would have to fight a near perfect fight to hang in there for 12 rounds against this Canelo and escape with a decision. A Mayweather win is possible but highly unlikely.
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    Oct 18, 2009

    He hadn't lost a step at the point he fought Canelo and was still universally recognised as the P4P #1 fighter in the sport.
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    The idea that Floyd could beat a 168 Canelo is absurd imo.

    I think it's probably fair to say Floyd would always have beaten Canelo in the overlap of time they could realistically fought (up until Canelo started actually weighing as a full MW)

    But neither man was prime in their actual fight. We certainly didn't see the best version of each man that night.

    You can reasonably argue Canelo is the best performance Floyd ever gave against an ATG opponent, I probably would agree there, but that's not really a measure of prime imo. Same way you can argue Canelo as a 40 fight unified champ was certainly not a green fighter, I probably would also agree there, but again that's not really a measure of prime neither.
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    You're high if you don't think he hadn't lost a step. His legs were no where near what they were in his prime against Canelo. He was noticeably slower. You're can still be p4p #1 and not be prime. Are you new to boxing?
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    He looked noticeably slower of foot in recent fights, and slower in general against Guerrero in his previous outing that year.
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