Foreman vs Marciano

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Who wins

  1. Foreman By Knockout

  2. Foreman By Decision

  3. Marciano By Decision

  4. Marciano By Knockout

  5. Draw

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  1. swagdelfadeel

    swagdelfadeel Boxing Junkie Full Member

    Jul 30, 2014
    Marciano fans: The first computer was invented in 1940. Therefor, Marciano would knock Foreman out in the tenth round.
  2. choklab

    choklab cocoon of horror Full Member

    Dec 31, 2009
    yes I agree.. but it would still be 10-1 for Foreman winning in round one at most. I’ve never seen 3-1 or 2-1 for anyone to win by knockout against an ATG champion in the first round. You probably get 10-1 for Marciano to win after round six. But as you say, most popular a win for Foreman. the bookies would go for Foreman early or Rocky late.

    yes I agree that the majority would be on a short fight and on George.

    yes Foreman hit a damn sight harder than Braddock. That you can even think I thought this is bizarre, but then again you are the one who thinks anyone picking Marciano must be a racist..

    Oh you come back to laugh at people who put forward an opposing view point? Isn’t the point of a forum that you can discuss rather than laugh?
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  3. McGrain

    McGrain Diamond Dog Staff Member

    Mar 21, 2007
    It would be one of the most likely specified outcomes.
  4. GOAT Primo Carnera

    GOAT Primo Carnera Member of the PC Fan Club Full Member

    Jan 28, 2018
    Why the fukk do we have 15 pages of this nonsense again???

    Next to Corona we got another digital RBV too??

    @InMemoryofJakeLamotta Stop provoking the Rockistas. They take these likes serious.
    Give RBV no chance. Thanks.
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  5. choklab

    choklab cocoon of horror Full Member

    Dec 31, 2009
    First of all, I think you made a great post, even though I disagree.
    yes, about that. Whilst I agree Frazier is an ATG level fighter (and obviously Foreman himself is too) it is reasonable to state that there are an awful lot of factors to consider to explain the outcome of his first fight with Foreman and how it cannot relate to a prime two handed Marciano. I have comprehensively explained them before yet entirely accept the right of the majority to disregard them.

    I agree that Old joe was a an altogether different fighter but the size difference between he and George of the Frazier fight is negligible. You are talking one inch and four pounds. Certainly 4 pounds and one inch is still more, but seriously?

    the immense size disadvantage issue has been tackled already. Strongest ever, yes agreed. George has to be stronger than Marciano. I always say George was the strongest man I ever saw in a boxing specific sense. But the pushing around could be dangerous for George because Rocky stood a different way to Frazier. It could work against him. Might not. But it could. Rocky leans low, George has to lower his his guard to reach out with both hands and push when Marciano can counter this with his awkward unpredictable punches coming up from the crouch. If he’s pushing he’s not punching.

    yes I accept this and it has been comprehensively explained to you I am aware of this and still believe factors are still being overlooked that make Marciano an entirely more dangerous proposition than1973 joe Frazier.

    Lewis was stopped early as a champion.

    Tyson stopped Spinks in one round.
  6. barberboy2

    barberboy2 Member Full Member

    Dec 22, 2017
    Bottom line Big George very nearly got beat in his prime by a 35 year old ex jail bird with limited amateur experience.
    This happened when Foreman was 28 ex gold medalist and ex world champ.
    Fair enough he won in the end but so easily and so very nearly, could of been a very different story.
  7. Charlietf

    Charlietf Well-Known Member banned Full Member

    Feb 25, 2020
    Hahah well said
  8. RulesMakeItInteresting

    RulesMakeItInteresting Boxing Addict Full Member

    Mar 23, 2019
    You seem knowledgeable, so I'm sure you know anything can happen in a fight, especially among heavyweights.
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  9. barberboy2

    barberboy2 Member Full Member

    Dec 22, 2017
    Rocky was the underdog more than once in his career.
    Me and no doubt the whole of Brockton Mass would back him in this fantasy matchup and maybe win a few quid in the process!
  10. barberboy2

    barberboy2 Member Full Member

    Dec 22, 2017
    Absolutely! That’s why Rocky has a chance.
  11. choklab

    choklab cocoon of horror Full Member

    Dec 31, 2009
    one of the popular predicted outcomes certainly, but as you know, with all fantasy fights ultimately there is no outcome. Just a popular or unpopular unspecified outcome.
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  12. Bummy Davis

    Bummy Davis Obsessed with Boxing Full Member

    Aug 26, 2004
    Never was a troll, I have a strong opinion and while I think highly of Foreman, there are 2 ways he could lose - one by taking into late rounds and the other by getting hurt by a puncher- most heavyweights can punch but some are terrific punchers- No One can be sure who will win when 2 greats get into the ring but Joe Louis is my ATG pick . Foreman was a big boned guy but that doesn't mean he superior. Heavyweights have always been from the 190's to 260's and some bigger. When I see ridiculas posters that are sure a certain guy will destroy another ATG sometimes I go back as an advocate for the fighter. I have my ATG picks and a lot of the older guys are well respected by me.
  13. McGrain

    McGrain Diamond Dog Staff Member

    Mar 21, 2007
    Sure, but you said:

    " In what other circumstances can a one round knockout (against a fighter who does not get knocked out) ever be taken seriously?"

    And followed this up with two or three posts about why it is no more likely than it is for defensive genius like Muhammad Ali to get knocked out in one round.

    The, elven pages later, it is finally apparent to you that it would be one of the most widely predicted specific outcomes if the fight were actually to occur. In other words, there is good reason to suspect a first round knockout is a very likely possibility and it is significantly more likely to be the result than it would be in Marcian-Ali.
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  14. andrewe

    andrewe Ezekiel 33 banned Full Member

    Mar 13, 2020
    Foreman beats Marciano by KO.
    Even if it was Foreman in the 90s, he'd still win. Way bigger and I'd argue stronger than Marciano, and there ain't a way in hell that 90s Foreman - a 250+ lb ICE GLACIER - is going down, I just don't see Marciano's punches having enough oomph behind them to do it, especially when guys like Holyfield and Morrison couldn't.
    Foreman from the 70s would end Marciano in 1-3 rounds, just look at what he did to Norton, someone of similar size to Marciano and way more technically skilled than Marciano.
    The only real way for a prime Foreman to lose is to either be outspeeded by his opponent or out-thunk, Ali did both. Marciano is not fast enough or smart enough to beat him.

    I think the fight against 70s Foreman would consist of Marciano trying to get on the inside, and Foreman unloading bombs and KO'ing Marciano (see Foreman v Frazier). The golden era of heavyweights, 60s/70s/80s reign supreme.
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  15. Bonecrusher

    Bonecrusher Lineal Champion Full Member

    Jul 19, 2004
    I’m trying to make a case for Rocky in my head.
    You cannot rule Rocky out for sure, if boxing has shown us anything over all these years In actual real fights that happened people lose in stunning fashion to opponents people would tell you before hand had no shot. I get the the Marciano - Frazier comparison but Rocky definitely attacked a bit differently. Frazier roared strait forward a left hooking bobbing locomotive, Marciano attacked from the crouch often and threw punches from different angles. He’s gonna land some right hands on Foreman. All his opponents claim he had frightening power. Louis always spoke very highly of Marciano.

    To me the fight basically comes down to can Rocky survive when he eats flush hard bombs early from a killer like Foreman, does he get sent concussed into slumber land? He never fought a puncher like Foreman so maybe he gets put out. But he never did in 49 fights. If he doesn’t get put out early then what happens? If Foreman doesn’t close him out early it could get interesting.

    I voted Foreman KO because that feels like what would most likely happen but I’m in no way ready to say an ATG HW like Marciano has no shot, that’s simply just not true.

    Old Foreman is thought to have better punch resistance than young Foreman yet Holyfield not thought to be a puncher rocked the iron chinned Forman on many occasions. Now maybe you just chalk that up to speed. It’s hard to say.

    I think I have an old magazine somewhere where Ali talks about this fictional matchup and I swear he builds a very good case for Rocky. I’ll try and locate it.