Frank Warren's picking up

Discussion in 'British Boxing Forum' started by TBC-ASAP, Feb 24, 2022.

  1. Bob Flaps

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    Mar 30, 2019
    Maybe realised that Warren did a great job (next to Top Rank) with Fury and that any promoter worth their salt would want options on a fighter to give them a big push. 2 fight deal on BT wouldn’t be the end of the world.
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  2. Koli55

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    Mar 19, 2021
    I thought they announced this already?

  3. Dragon Punch

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    Sep 15, 2012
    I wouldn’t pay too much attention to Higgins..just sounds like the usual last minute contractual issue that always comes up that needs massaging
  4. Hattonmad

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    Jan 5, 2009
    Hope this happens. This is one of the besr fights in the division. Both are ahead of Whyte IMO. I think Parker was very unlucky to lose v Whyte and since then Parker has improved more I feel. Andy Lee doing a good job with him.
  5. Trafford

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    Sep 29, 2018
    Apparently Frank currently wants to tie Parker down to a multi fight deal. The money for that is not enough apparently and less than Parker was earning at Matchroom.

    Frank is trying to tie it up so if Parker wins and becomes WBO mandatory that he gets that fight.
  6. Dragon Punch

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    Sep 15, 2012
    It seems like the smart play from Warren to ensure he/BT get a piece of the action if Parker wins. Either way, it’s gone too far now to collapse, Higgings is just trying to get the best money he can which is his job.
  7. stm19990

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    May 8, 2022
    His big fights are good but his undercards and none ppv shows need to improve alot
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