Fury calls the 6'3 unified HW Champion a "midget" and a 6'1.5, 12 losses Chisora "dangerous"

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    Mar 5, 2018
    Fury is still pretty much the A-side on every fight he can be matched with - but he can't keep the division hanging on him forever. Fans move on.

    There is a growing contingent of fans that would rather see, for example, Usyk fighting Joe Joyce for the IBF strap
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    Sep 19, 2012
    The problem Usyk has is he has never come up against a real fighting man
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    Nov 27, 2010
    Too much coke for poor Fury
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    Can you just answer the question?
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    Nov 17, 2022
    It seems that blatantly lying is a thing not only with Fury but with his overzealous stans.

    Usyk is 220 lbs which is heavier than Wilder is at the moment. Usyk has the same height, reach and weight Ali had during most of his career. Also, Usyk's KO rate is higher than that of Ali. Some middleweight, this Usyk. So the next thing we'll learn from you is that Ali was a pillow-fisted middleweight, I presume.

    Why exactly couldn't Usyk outpoint Fury? I hope you do know that John Fury, in a rare moment of honesty and clarity, had a bit of a slip-of-the-tongue moment last year and admitted that "beating Usyk would be too tricky for Tyson". Also, Peter Fury confirmed multiple times how Fury's team thought Usyk, who "is as legit as they come", was more than capable of beating Fury. There's a reason Fury ducked him in January and is ducking him now, fighting a time-wasting fight instead that nobody, not even most Fury fans want to see.

    You must be kidding. Chisora won 3 rounds. Maybe 4 if you are generous. The fight was a comfortable 117-112 or 117-111. It wasn't even close. And that was Usyk after a problematic training camp and an injury. He almost stopped Chisora at the end of the 7th. Del Boy was literally saved by the bell. In fact, I've always suspected that if anything, Usyk went easy on Del Boy, to give an impression to Joshua and his team how easy a fight would it be against him.

    Give this one a listen:
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    I've already replied to the question.
    7-5 is not a draw. It's a close win but not a draw for sure.. Then if maths for you is an opinion I dont know what to tell you.
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    Fury is a cruel joke. Warr Chisora!
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    Krassyuk clarifies why they wanted to fight in Feb or early March

    What Usyk thinks of Fury's trash talk about him

    On Usyk's comments regarding him having troubble maintaining the weight up at HW and how he has to work a lot harder in training camp to do so than he did at CW