Fury Fan here: I am giving Wilder credit, and with good judging, will make no excuses

Discussion in 'World Boxing Forum' started by catchwtboxing, Feb 17, 2020.

  1. catchwtboxing

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    Jul 4, 2014
    Just want to get something straight. In other threads, Wilder fans are saying that Fury fans are already making excuses.

    I thoroughly expect Fury to win, but if he doesn't, as long as the rules were well kept and the judging was fair, no excuses here. Fury is at the stage of his career where he doesn't need to work out any bugs. He just needs to come in shape. Yes, drugs and sharp weight gain/loss denude the body, but he has had a year and a half and five fights to get back to where he needs to be. If he doesn't win, it is his own fault.

    AND I AM GIVING WILDER CREDIT FOR TAKING THE FIGHT. I have been extremely vocal saying that I think the man is a fraud, and that, to this point, has been true. His "title defenses" have been a joke. When part time fighters like Molina (school teacher) and Duhaupas (pastry chef) almost beat him, he switched to fighters with medical problems like Arreola (obesity), and Ortiz (high blood pressure). That is what led him to Fury. His team thought they hit the jackpot with a guy that had to kick drug addiction, and lose 150 pounds to boot.

    Let me say that I think with this fight, win or lose, Wilder is turning that legacy around. Most thought Fury won the first fight, AND SO DID WILDER. You could see it in the frustration on his face when Fury got back up in the twelfth.

    That is why he is a real man for taking this fight. For the first time in his career, he is taking a fight that he knows he has a chance of losing. So win or lose, full credit to him and his fans.

    Let the better man win!
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  2. Dance84

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    Oct 11, 2017
    That's my point .

    Both wilder and fury fans gonna come up with excuses whichever loses
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  3. CST80

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    Nov 23, 2013
    Wilder and Fury fan, like them both personally, but I'm rooting for Wilder because I prefer his style and violence. They're both real men, and willing to risk their 0's, more than I can say for AJ, he ****ed around until he lost it to someone who looks like an obese hamster and ran from him like a woman in the rematch. So let the best man win, I'll score it fairly and give whichever of these two devils that wins his due.
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  4. iii

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    May 3, 2016
    Careful now CS, mention "Real men" to Dancing queen & he gets all faint & clammy...especially if they are Ginger .
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