Fury is going to decimate Usyk

Discussion in 'World Boxing Forum' started by miniq, Nov 18, 2023.

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    Jul 7, 2007
    Have you been following boxing as long as you've been a member here?

    Relax. It's entertainment. Did Fury humiliate you in the playground in a previous life? Don't you wish you were a tiny fraction as successful as Fury? I do. But I don't live through Fury, Usyk, or any of these boxers.

    More exaggerated BS. Wlad, Wilder X3, Whyte is hardly "always ducking top 10". Early Chisora & Wallin are borderline top 10. What is your gorilla 'logic' for always ducking top 10?? :thinking: Lately AJ & Wilder have been ducking top 10 opponents - and continually each other. Wilder has fought one round in two years, while AJ is in a frozen 'rebuild mode' :shakehead: That's some of the more obvious examples. Lots of criticism to lay at many more HWs than Fury. Try to keep up.

    :facepalm: Size means a lot - that's why they have so many weight divisions.

    I like Usyk for many reasons (nothing to do w/ that sad war). I hope he puts up a good fight, win, lose, or draw. I don't think it will be easy for Fury. But unless Fury has greatly declined, he should defeat Usyk.
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    Sep 18, 2019
    Didn't he also sign to fight haye who pulled out twice?

    Haye was seen as the man after wlad and everyone was picking haye

    Fury has had a few soft touches, but he has fought good guys too and many on away soil

    It wasn't too long ago that many on here where accusing him of ducking whyte while he was number 1 contender for the WBC and quite a few picked Whyte

    Funny enough, one or 2 guys that picked whyte at the time don't count it as a credible win because Aj did it first lol

    You couldn't make it up

    If Fury wins? This forum will go on a complete meltdown and the excuses will be flying out
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    Sep 30, 2023
    I had tickets for that fight twice which was sickening.

    So what they are saying about Whyte now is that he was past his best I've heard it mentioned a few times but I think boxing news started it.

    The same Whyte who went life and death with chisora and should have lost in Manchester.

    There's quite an agenda against fury in the media still after all these years.
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  4. spravedlivylev

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    Nov 17, 2022
    Just as Furyettes never giving Joshua credit for beating Wlad in a much more definitive fashion than Fury because “Fury did it first”. While in reality, Fury defeated Wlad in a boring 12 rounder while Joshua literally beat him into retirement.

    And I also guarantee that when Usyk beats Fury, most Furyettes will come with at least one of the following BS:

    1) Ngannou was the real fight, after that Usyk just picked up the pieces of an already declining Fury

    2) Fury was at a bad place mentally, Usyk’s win doesn’t count

    Funny how Fury is adored for being this advocate for mental health while he constantly abuses people on their looks (fat little Mexican, gappy teeth with an earring etc). Imagine if a fighter would respond: you ugly fat gypsy, you have more kids than title fights.

    It wouldn’t be banter and showmanship and selling the fight then, oh no. That’s only the reaction is Fury abuses people. This case it would be horrible abuse of a mentally fragile poor guy.
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    Sep 27, 2018
    Watch Furys last fight.. he looks shot.. so much so he made a novice cameroonian wrestler look slick.. I lost count of how many punches he missed, his legs are gone & he seems mentally unstable lately too.. I'm not exaggerating, he looked like a fat white collar boxer who'd just gone down to the local car park to have a settler with the local TK Maxx doorman... it wasn't just bad it was embarrassing and if the Ukrainian can't be that version of Fury then he's fkin overrated too.. fury needs dispatching from boxing now .. hes an absolute helmet , he had the world at his feet a few years ago and somehow ended up becoming a joke figure AGAIN.. people are fed up of him
  6. AdamT

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    Sep 18, 2019
    I hope that's not aimed at me? I do give Aj credit for Wlad, but despite it being a way better fight, Fury did beat him on away soil and was the first to do it in 10 years

    I Don't adore Fury for his trash talk. It's cringe and immature, sometimes he crosses the line, but again it's not near as hateful as someone like Conor McGregor who pokes at people's dead Father, Religions and other dirt

    It is true though that many accused Fury of ducking whyte, then he goes out and beats him easy

    I will give credit to usyk if he beats Fury. But that performance against Ngannou has put a dampner on it

    Fury haters and me included post fight, have went on to say how useless he is. It exposed him and he was never a great fighter.

    So will Fury be this atg Heavy again if Usyk wins?

    If he's rubbish now, then surely he is rubbish then and it's just another notch on Usyks belt?

    What I will finish with is, I do hope whoever wins, wins without any controversy and is the clear winner. Whether that be by stoppage? Or wide on points

    Because if this fight is close, or as ugly as I suspect it will be? This board will be even more unbearable with the Fury/usyk saga than it is now

    Although I pick Fury, I do like Usyk as a man and would prefer Usyk to win emphatically, than a controversial win for Fury

    I'm going to give credit to the winner, because that's how it should be

    I know you dislike Fury, but if he wins without controversy? I suspect you will be man enough to respect the win.

    I know of another poster who will immediately banish if Fury wins a fair fight
  7. AdamT

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    Sep 18, 2019
    To be fair Fury doesn't always do himself any favours.
    One minute he says money isn't important and he will fight for free and the next he is lowballing potential opponents

    Picking his mate Chisora for a fight last year was also wrong and he deserved backlash

    He also deserved backlash for picking an mma guy, which seemed like he was ducking Usyk, but he has signed a contract to fight in February so there's no reason to criticise anymore, unless he pulls out

    People hate Fury because of his persona and no matter what he does in the ring? He will never get their credit

    That's what haters are. They are very bitter. There are guys on this very board who give Mayweather absolutely zero credit on his career despite his achievements. I find that absolutely astonishing and it must be some form of mental illness to deny someone's achievements

    I can't stand Cristiano Ronaldo, but the guy is easily one of the very best to ever do it and we have to rate someone on what they have done and not how much you like, or dislike them
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  8. spravedlivylev

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    Nov 17, 2022
    Not at all, mate. I just picked up on the point you mentioned and looked at it from another angle.

    I know you dislike Fury's behaviour but think of him as a good fighter.

    That's my take on him too. I'm much more vocal about how or why I dislike his personality and career management but that's mostly because it directly hinders Usyk's career. This undisputed bout should have already happened some one and a half years ago, regardless of the winner. Due to Fury's ducking and lying and gaslighting both of these guys have aged since so we won't get to see them in their best possible shape against each other. I just hope at this point that Fury doesn't pull out. It wouldn't be out of character for him, so I really hope that the Saudi money and the public backlash fired him up enough to actually show up on fight night no matter what.

    I want him to be pumped up and train as an animal. I want him to face Usyk in the possible shape he can be. Here's hoping we get to see this bout indeed.
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  9. AdamT

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    Sep 18, 2019
    Good post man
    We can disagree and debate maturely

    I do like banter and and taking the mick, but again it's just boxing.

    I really Don't like Fury, but like a football team, I have backed him from the beginning, like way back at the beginning so I will not turn on him now just to be on the winning side, or because I like Usyk better

    In some ways the Ngannou fight might be a blessing, because as you say, I expect Fury will train very hard and come in his best shape since wilder 2

    There will be no excuses from me if Usyk does a number on him.

    I just hope it doesn't get cancelled. If Fury pulls out unless he has dam legit reason? I won't do another 180 on him, he will just cease to exist in my mind and I will never waste time on him again

    So I pray this bloody fight happens in February
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  10. northpaw

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    Jun 5, 2010
    Even the most in shape, disciplined Fury wouldn't "decimate" Usyk, that's silly. Possibly win........ain't no decimation though.

    This version, I don't even think beats him
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  11. miniq

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    Oct 23, 2011
    Food for thought:

    Fury batters all of Usyk's resume

    The concept of Usyk getting battered is hard to envisage I understand that.
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    Jun 4, 2014
    Just like he beats Ngannou right? I hope your hero doesn't retire after the beating Usyk going to give him, and finally find his balls to face AJ, and we will see how that's plays out in reality, not just in your fantasy.
    As we know Fury and his fans loves to talk a lot and that he is the paper Champion of any generation and he will beat them all, but we all saw him against Ngannou.
  13. miniq

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    Oct 23, 2011
    Tyson Fury is a Pitbull

    Oleksandr Usyk is a Jack Russel

    it's not a fair fight


    Oct 17, 2009
    This guy spends his entire life with Joshua and Edfie Hearns nuts in his mouth :applaudit:


    Oct 17, 2009
    It's not the Usyk fanboys who will require counselling after this fight, it will be all the gullable, brain washed Joshua and Eddie Hearn clones.

    They'll have to bow down to the legendary BIG GK, whilst Joshua continues his laughable 'bum of the month tour' - Franklin, Helenius, Wallin, Miller etc etc :cheer: