Fury live on TV tonight

Discussion in 'British Boxing Forum' started by crixus85, Apr 27, 2022.

  1. EJC83

    EJC83 Boxing Addict Full Member

    Jan 20, 2019
    I'd like to see him interviewed by Dennis Pennis
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  2. DramaShow

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    Dec 22, 2020
    Fury has become everything he used to accuse Joshua of being.

    Can’t blame him though.

    BEATDOWNZ Boxing Addict Full Member

    Nov 30, 2014
    He's worse!
  4. Jason Gordon

    Jason Gordon Active Member Full Member

    Sep 26, 2021
    Piers Morgan seems like a *****
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  5. Jurgen

    Jurgen Pay Per Pudding Advisor banned Full Member

    Sep 30, 2016
    Big Joan Fury will be a Superstar Fighting Man soon to be touring up and down the country, selling out arenas discussing his huge sporting achievements.

    These include calling Whyte a name at the presser, shouting once at Deontay Wilder in Belfast and threatening Micky Theo with violence in a number of you tube videos.
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  6. themaster999

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    Oct 7, 2015
    Morgans an insufferable twat, Watched that Gazza documentary the other day and he had a major role in how he fell apart.

    Fury , banging on about a 07 VW and then driving round in Bentley, he'd do well to steer clear of Morgan and his ilk as the tide will turn at the first given opportunity
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    BEATDOWNZ Boxing Addict Full Member

    Nov 30, 2014
    He's beginning to sound like Bellew!
  8. dannyboy147

    dannyboy147 Boxing Addict Full Member

    Jun 2, 2010
    I honestly don’t see the appeal with Fury outside the ring. He waffles the same garbage over and over again a bit like Connor mcgregor swearing 24/7 and grown men wet themselves over it.

    fury’s mental health was probably in the gutter as he was permanently on a come down and hungover, easier to say that his mental health turned him to it.

    he failed a drug test then retired.

    didn’t give millions to charity.

    if it was Joshua that done the above he would be crucified on here!!
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    BEATDOWNZ Boxing Addict Full Member

    Nov 30, 2014
    And he sided with his promoter who has form for screwing fighters over.

    Not good, honest people at all.
  10. Oreet Cha!

    Oreet Cha! I know what I like and I like what I know. Full Member

    Jul 18, 2018
    He'll be back within 18 months, I'm predicting the summer of 2023.

    He has to fight both Usyk and Joshua otherwise it leaves his legacy unfulfilled and slightly tarnished with the big question of "What If?".

    Any retirement after these 2 fights and we can have no complaints.
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  11. RT7

    RT7 Member Full Member

    Apr 21, 2014
    When you have as many microphones put in front of you as he has lately Its unlikely anything new will be said although Its obvious he's more media trained & mindful not to blurt anything out that might undo the past few years & see him cancelled
  12. channy

    channy 4.7.33 banned Full Member

    Feb 2, 2015
    And it will turn fella, people like Morgan set you up for it and love nothing more than making headlines for themselves...
  13. Heisenberg

    Heisenberg Well-Known Member Full Member

    Apr 30, 2017
    I don’t care about the ‘giving his purse to charity comments’ or 99% of his other contradictions. However, the only aspect of his career I would like him to address in person (as it leaves a massive gap in his resume) is the 2 year Nandrolone suspension. At the time, he promised to tell all but here we are 2 autobiographies and a fly on the wall documentary later and still zero mention of it. The genius ‘mental health ambassador’ rebranding completely swept the matter under the carpet. I’d be cool with him saying he was struggling mentally and WAS doping before the Hammer fight etc. There’s plenty of early IFLTV interviews where he suggests everyone in the division is.
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  14. pow

    pow Boxing Addict Full Member

    Apr 26, 2014
    He is not allowed to talk about it as he reached a legal settlement with them. He accepted the backdated ban in order to get his boxing license back as part of his contractual obligation to Frank Warren (the court case would have dragged on another 2 or 3 years). UKAD has never explained why they u-turned on giving him a verbal warning at the time of the offence to nearly 2 years later deciding to bring retrospective charges. Given that he had just won the world championship and that at the time he had turned practically the whole establishment against him it would be a fair guess that somebody somewhere wanted shot of them out of boxing. FTR UKAD are as corrupt as the BBBoC.
  15. EJC83

    EJC83 Boxing Addict Full Member

    Jan 20, 2019
    Every Interview

    Money don't matter to me
    Yes, I turned my life around
    Family is everything
    Nothing to prove
    Greatest Of All Time
    Mental Health Champion
    "Listen" at the start of about 10 sentences
    Did I mention that money don't matter to me