Fury vs Usyk done for next year

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    He ducked the Joshua rematch? How the hell do you "duck" a rematch after a loss? The **** you Fury boys will make up.

    I'm sure you don't think Fury ducked Price, Wlad rematch, Joshua and Usyk, but Wlad ducked a rematch after losing and never fighting anyone again? Fury unretiring the moment Wlad had retired, demanding 50-50 to fight Joshua but accepting less to fight Wilder and running from Usyk to fight MMA guys is all fine and dandy I suppose, but Wlad retiring - for real, not fake retiring as Fury has done at least twice - at 41 after a loss is somehow a duck? Fer ****s sake...

    Well, that's just about enough time wasted on you.
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    "How the hell do you "duck" a rematch after a loss?"

    Weird question.

    If someone beats you then you've got a lot to get back, if you beat someone controversially (Wlad-Povetkin) or inconclusively (Wlad-Williamson) then you've got less to get back but still something and if you beat someone uncontroversially and conclusively you've got nothing to get back. Fury had nothing to get back against Wlad, who he'd beaten comfortably over 12 rounds in enemy territory.

    Joshua has ducked Fury and hasn't been able to string more than two wins together for the last 5 years:

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    Fury and Price were on a collision course but Price got KO'd and never stopped getting KO'd at Euro level or above after that.

    The Usyk fight may yet happen if the teams can come to terms but the earliest it theoretically could have happened is 2023, which hasn't even been concluded yet. Prior to that Usyk spent the first 5 years of his pro career at cruiser (the first 3 years fighting journeymen, despite his 350 amateur bouts, Olympic gold medal and WSB experience) and nearly another 4 years chasing Joshua.

    Wlad had a lot to get back against Puritty (who they did apparently send some kind of offer to within 15 months, in fairness), Sanders, Brewster (who he rematched 39 months, four wars, a title fight loss to Liakhovich and 15 months of inactivity later) and Joshua (there was reportedly £22 million on the table for the rematch, as well as an even more lucrative trilogy fight if Wlad had won the rematch).
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