Fury vs. Usyk is OFF, says Usyk's manager

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Who's at fault

  1. Usyk

  2. Fury

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    Jan 6, 2007
    I've been a fan of the big gypsy since his fourth or fifth fight which was a four rounder against some German lad who was wearing a kilt in the ring. I loved his interviews and found him very entertaining.

    I've never thought he was the greatest of alltiime, nor even of this current time, till he did what he did with Wilder.

    After Wilder three, I reckoned him to be the best or second best of the current crop, and was very much anticipating the clash with Usyk to determine the number one of this era.

    In Rummy's poll a couple of years back, I listed him as my current favourite boxer...and I'm still a fan.

    However, he has very obviously ducked the dude I had at number three on that list of favourites, and that gives me pause.

    Up till about a month ago, I had Fury as a SLIGHT favourite going up against Usyk Now, I'm not so sure.

    I don't think Fury is afraid of any man born of a woman, but I do believe he is afraid of losing, else he would have made the fight.

    So if Fury isn't confidant that he can beat Usyk, that swings the balance for me slightly in Usyk's favour, IF they were to fight this year.

    The man has no need of my forgiveness, nor of any forgiveness from any anonymous poser on any boxing forum...he can do as he pleases.

    Like a lot of his fans, I'm pissed off that he scuttled the fight, but if he makes it later this year, we're all good.

    We need this fight to determine who is he best HW of the current crop.

    If he does not fight Usyk, and neither man were to ever fight again, then by default, IMO, Usyk would be the best of this era.
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  2. GGGfans

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    Dec 27, 2017
    If Usyk performs well against Dubois yes.
    If Usyk seems to have declined, no.
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    Feb 8, 2008
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    Fury was suspended for peds despite his B.S claims of boars meat which even the farmer he claims he bought it from has admitted to never even having boars.

    According to Guy Walters and Riath Al-Samarrai for the
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    , Martin Carefoot—a Lancashire farmer—says Fury's entourage offered the money in exchange for testimony to UK Anti-Doping investigators that admitted to supplying Fury and his cousin, fellow boxer Hughie Fury, with "uncastrated wild boar," which would account for them testing positive for the banned steroid nandrolone.

    "In 2017, Carefoot completed two signed witness statements to say he provided wild boar to the Furys which were passed to the boxers' lawyers, Morgan Sports Law, who gave them to anti-doping investigators. The second included a line that read: 'I supplied a range of animal meats and offal to Team Fury, including wild boar and pigs'. Carefoot now claims those statements, which are in the possession of The Mail on Sunday, were lies.

    "He said: 'I have never kept wild boar. I have never killed a wild boar.'

    "In making the allegation that he received an offer of £25,000 for his help, Carefoot told The Mail on Sunday: 'I just went along with it, and they always dangled this carrot that I was going to get paid. When things got quite serious, they offered me a sum of money before it went to court in London, and a sum of money after. I went along with them because, I suppose, in my own way I was just helping them out.'"

    But hey you knew that already you just tried to pretend it didn't happen much like the idiotic pigeon you are nothing but Shadow 2.0 the Tyson fury version you try to rely on misinformation and technicalities to muddy the waters.
    Bottom line:

    1. Tyson fury was banned for PEDS despite his excuse much like Canelo.
    2. the boars meat was shown to be a lie by the party involved.
    3. Tyson Fury is a coward who did all he could to duck undisputed.
  4. kiwi_boxer

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    Aug 25, 2013
    • Mexico is to blame for the cocaine Fury consumed, as he thought it was a nasally administered BCAA powder.
    • Ferrari is to blame for making him have thoughts of suicide due to the speed the vehicle was capable of reaching.

    The guy is a compulsive liar and a self-absorbed narcissist.

    The best part is you know deep down, behind the mask of insecurity, Usyk is destroying that man inside. He's turned his fans, country and boxing world against Fury.

    Much like Miniq, who's whole online persona is gone. First, it was 'Fury's roping everyone in and dancing to his tune'. Now it's 'this whole thing was a ploy for a bigger match with the Saudis'. You can't write the script, it's brilliant.

    You've never seen the 'ATG troll, Miniq' in his feelings like he has been these last 3 weeks.

    Usyk walks this earth like a god while speaking broken English, to Englishmen.
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  5. Richmond The 3rd

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    Oct 26, 2021
    According to Bob Arum the Saudis offered Usyk $60m, in the UK he was offered $15m

    The Gypsy Queen totally shat herself.