Fury-Wilder likely to be postponed

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  1. anjawnaymiz

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    Sep 6, 2008
    I’m guessing sparring partners have to sign forms beforehand in case they knock someone out. Could easily see Anderson dropping fury.

    There must be videos out there of famous fighters getting knocked out in sparring that we will never ever see. Shame really as I’d pay to watch those clips
  2. Trafford

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    Sep 29, 2018
    Anyone also see the Joseph Parker who was reported as one of those with Covid was at the UFC on Saturday
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  3. Furious

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    Nov 2, 2017
    Such a shame. It doesn't add up either what with Parker attending the UFC event. I think there's probably more to it than meets the eye. I'd be cautious about believing the Anderson rumour though - it was started by someone in Wilder's team.

    I know most of it was out of his hands - but I'm pretty disappointed in Fury and his team. Not fighting last December, the Joshua fight falling away and now this. It's been a pretty terrible wasted 16 months for Fury.

    Just hope Joshua/Usyk gets announced soon as that'll be something to look forward to.
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  4. EJC83

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    Jan 20, 2019
    I honestly couldn't care less what Fury does now, he talks of greatness but he's running out of time to truly achieve it and I can't get overly interested in someone that claims to be a fighting man and then doesn't fight for a year and a half.
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  5. Journey Man

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    Aug 22, 2009
    It’s not in a sparring partner’s interest to start the rumour themselves. At this point, no one knows who Jared Anderson really is and he’s still building his profile. He will therefore benefit more sparring Fury than knocking out a shepherd over 4 rounds - both in terms of learning and financially, as he will be getting paid. If that rumour turns out to be true, he’s kicked out of camp with no payment and probably not used as a sparring partner for any of the top heavies as they know he’s a) dangerous and b) a big mouth. Can’t see it myself.

    There were loads of rumours in the day that Wilder had koed Haye in sparring, but when the video was leaked Haye had given him and absolute pasting.
  6. Furious

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    Nov 2, 2017
    True, good points.

    I am very disappointed this isn't happening. I get the sense that all isn't right with Fury, just a hunch.
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  7. Oreet Cha!

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    Jul 18, 2018
    3 fights on the spin (Takam, Joshua, Wilder) that haven't happened for various reasons, some may be his fault, some may not be his fault.

    The question I have is this - Is Fury's heart still in the sport of Boxing? Is his hunger still there?

    I don't think we will see Fury in the ring with Joshua now. Something just doesn't seem right.
  8. Furious

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    Nov 2, 2017
    I think in fairness two of those (Joshua and Takam/Kabayal) were out of his hands.

    Takam/Kabayal was scuppered as it wasn't financially viable without crowds or as part of his ESPN deal. We don't know whether they'd let him fight outside of that deal.

    The Joshua fight fell through because of the arbitration which was poorly managed by his team but not Fury's fault.

    The Wilder fight though is a bit strange, the story doesn't add up and all seems a bit suspicious.
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  9. Nick UK

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    Dec 2, 2019
    Apparently out on the town in Vegas and also at some car dealership - supposedly whilst suffering with Covid
    I honestly fail to understand why people believe a thing the man utters
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  10. Furious

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    Nov 2, 2017
    I think it's BS. Parker being at the UFC and Fury pictured out in town. I know different countries have different rules, but even in Vegas surely the rules aren't "if you're COVID positive go out and mingle freely".

    I suspect the fight was selling very poorly. People don't really want to see it and Wilder not helping build the fight didn't help. I also read, albeit on this forum, the arbitration ruling becomes void in September so I suspect if true they're going to run down the clock.

    What a terrible 18 months it's been for Fury's career. It may have made him a lot of money, but I don't think Arum's management has been very good for him really. I know it would never work whilst Joshua is Hearn's golden boy, but Eddie would've looked after Fury's career much better and kept him active.
  11. nurological

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    May 25, 2012
    Yeah its been a bit of a shocker really. I doubt they can just run the clock down though as it just makes the ruling pointless.

    Fury has now wasted 4 years of his career. That's not good at all.
  12. Furious

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    Nov 2, 2017
    That was just gossip on here so probably rubbish. Covid is a very convenient excuse and has plausible deniability. I suspect the fight is selling really badly.
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  13. Brixton Bomber

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    Sep 21, 2013
    Because this forum is full of wannabes.

    Tyson is a compulsive liar.
  14. Wig

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    May 31, 2010
    What’s a wannabe? Someone who idolises someone else who earns more money than them, that sort of thing?
  15. Furious

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    Nov 2, 2017
    I don't think there's many people sticking up for him though? Everyone seems to be saying it's pretty suspicious.
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