Fury will get take it or leave it offer for Usyk

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    Jul 24, 2004
    Fury vs Adam Kownacki, 15 December. Morecambe Promenade. Make it happen, Tyson!
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    Aug 12, 2022
    These people hating on Fury are soooo pathetic. Lets say that the news came out that Fury can't compete anymore because he got a concussion from sparring or something like that. These people, the haters..... they would look at this as a personal victory for themselves... like yay I finally won one.... such disgusting little people... people that have no lives and won't ever get anything... well I suppose that they can seek some comfort in their hate for big bad Fury.
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    Nov 27, 2010
    Now fury is cornered. Will he continue to cower or fight Usyk…?
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    Jul 17, 2018
    Having once had the potential to finish his career in the conversation for ATG status, now it's difficult for me to conceive of a scenario in which I won't remember him as one of boxing's all time greatest let downs.
    With one of the greatest comeback stories in the history of the sport and undoubtedly possessing sufficient talent, I just can't fathom why a self proclaimed fighting man like Tyson Fury doesn't appear to be willing to risk being counted among the greats.
    Not even hating on the guy, I just don't get it.
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    Jun 25, 2014
    After pondering this, I have a couple of things:

    FIRST, I think this signing really messes things up. When the Saudis were just choosing the best fighters to put on the card in December, and they were dealing with each fighter individually, that was one thing. And it was great. Now, the Saudis have their own "house" fighter in Usyk. So they have a "favorite" who they want to win. And they've already demonstrated this by telling Fury he's now only going to get a "take it or leave it" offer.

    That was DUMB ... on the part of the Saudis. Because "their" fighter (Usyk) DOES NOT have a couple of options if Fury walks away for good.

    The options would be Hrgovic, who is Usyk's mando after Dubois. Or Wilder, who would be the only of the big three (Fury, Joshua and Deontay), who Usyk hasn't faced who is available for a monster fight. (The winner of Zhang-Joyce II could be an option, but those two haven't even agreed on a date to fight yet, so I don't know if the winner would be ready by December.)

    And the Saudi rep comically saying Usyk could even "go back down to cruiserweight" shows they really haven't put much real thought into this AT ALL.

    Can you imagine if Usyk's December fight is freaking BADOU JACK at cruiserweight? (Interestingly, Jack is also signed with the same Saudi group and posted a photo congratulating Usyk on signing, which was subsequently deleted.)

    Who on earth would Usyk fight at CRUISER? Usyk vs Jack or Usyk vs Chris Billiam Smith at cruiser in December wouldn't even be as big of a fight as the Dubois matchup is. And that would severely hurt Usyk's rep. Now he's almost like Roy Jones, after the John Ruiz fight, going back down to fight Tarver.

    So, Usyk's "multiple" December options are really just Hrgovic or blocking the Wilder-Joshua fight (which leads to my second point in a moment) and making Usyk-Wilder. Otherwise, they can't just tell Fury to "take it or leave it."

    Fury is the big fight for Usyk. Badou Jack "ain't."

    SECOND, Usyk signing with the Saudis kind of makes it more difficult to make Wilder-Joshua, doesn't it?

    If Usyk fights and gets past Dubois, the only REALLY big fight for Usyk at heavyweight in December is Wilder. A third Joshua fight in Saudi doesn't sound all that appealing. If the Saudis tell Fury to take a walk, the same Saudis can't offer Joshua-Wilder a boatload to fight each other if that leaves their fighter Usyk high and dry.

    So, with the signing of Usyk, Wilder-Joshua now seems like it may be a case of both of those fighters wanting it but now the Saudis aren't so sure they do ... which screws that up for Hearn and Joshua and Wilder.

    THIRD, Fury and Warren SHOULD demand the WBC name a mandatory. It's been a year since Fury made his last mandatory. There's no point in Fury negotiating a fight with anyone if the WBC is going to eventually block it by demanding Fury face a mandatory.

    The WBC announced they wanted Wilder and Ruiz to fight in a final eliminator, and, while they initially talked about doing it, they both started looking elsewhere. And the WBC did nothing.

    Fury's right in saying the WBC should insist that happens, or find out which of the two is willing and find someone else for that person to face, or they should just go down the list and name the next available contender.

    But Fury is within his rights as champ to know who his mandatory is.

    If the WBC orders Wilder-Ruiz and Wilder balks, then name Ruiz the mando and Fury can offer him a normal 75-25 split (not the $20 million Ruiz asked for). If Ruiz doesn't want it, JOSHUA at #3 could become the mandatory.

    FOURTH, Fury-Joshua in a WBC title fight would make sense if the Saudis go after Wilder for Usyk's December fight. Fury and Joshua is a monster fight, regardless of where it is. And Fury wouldn't need the Saudis to put it on.

    FINALLY, I feel like the Saudis derailed the division earlier this year with talks of the monster card in December (resulting in the top guys sitting out most of the year expecting large payouts at the end, and the rest of the division behind them being stuck as a result) that now may not happen.

    And, with the Usyk signing, they may have single-handedly derailed the run Usyk was on.

    * Usyk's reputation would take a hit if he went back down to cruiser and fought Jack, or Billium Smith or Opetaia, etc.
    * If the Saudis tell Fury to take a hike, Usyk has to wait for someone to beat Fury to unify at heavy (which could take a long time).
    * Wilder and Hrgovic would provide a world of different problems that the guys Usyk has faced so far at heavy simply didn't. Hrgovic doesn't have any quit in him, like Joshua did. And Wilder can take his head off.
    * Frankly, if Dubois pulls the massive upset, as a mando, he isn't required to give Usyk a rematch. So, should Dubois somehow win (via cut, or a lucky punch or whatever), Frank Warren controls ALL the heavyweight belts. And good luck with Usyk seeing another heavyweight title fight.

    I know these Saudi guys have more oil money than God to play with, but this TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT garbage with Fury and signing Usyk as their own fighter might turn out to be about as smart as when the Mirage decided it was going to become a boxing promoter and they were going to pay tens of millions and overpay for all of Buster Douglas' future heavyweight title fights ... and that plan crashed and burned the first time out.
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    Jun 25, 2014
    I kinda agree. Signing with them comes with a host of problems.
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    Jan 8, 2021
    Honestly, the Saudi's have killed heavyweight boxing.

    It's turned the division from a lucrative, sustainable business model into a charity. Boxers are sat there cap in hand waiting for free money. Yes I know they're risking their health getting in the ring but they're not longer being paid what they earn. Nobody wants to fight because a fair value payout is much less than what they'll earn fighting for Saudi.

    Hopefully they lose interest soon and go ruin MMA or something instead.
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    Aug 25, 2013

    But, but, but, you said the fight was alright signed.

    But, but, but, you said all 4 fighters were in cahoots and December was a done deal

    But, but, but Fury owns the Saudi’s and gets whatever $ he wants.


    And got banned in the process :roflmao:

    #prayforminiq #youusedtobefunny

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    Jun 25, 2014
    Seems to be the case, based on what's happened so far this year.
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    Jul 4, 2014
    I agree that Fury will want this, but I am not even so sure he would get the advantages in the UK at this point. It wasn't so long ago he was a hated man for his anti-gay comments. We may see a return of that public enemy status.
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    Jun 4, 2014
    He would, they would definitely want to have another Undisputed HW.
    And not just that, but his promoter Warren will make sure of this.

    Just look at Dubois last fight. Holy hell the ref gave him so many time to recover, he was on the floor so many times(if he wasn't the homeboy, he would be very quick to stop it as usual), and then they ended the round earlier, and then give him like 2+ minutes recovery to the next round. And that wasn't enough. He literally KD his opponent after the bell and the ref instantly stop the fight in favor of Dubois. Corruption at it's highest.

    They don't even try to hide it at this point. Boxing is beyond saving.
    And it's not just in the UK to be fair, it's just the promoters, and they are clearly paying off this judges. And judges wanna makes them happy, so they can call them again in their next galas ..... So everyone wins, except for the fair fans ....

    Look at AJ vs Usyk both fights. It was a clear 9-3, 8-4, both fights. Yet in both fights judges have it super close, and one even had it for AJ, absolutely ridiculous ..... So the venue is not all that matters, but the promoters, the name, and the money they pay for bribe.

    And what pisses me off are a lot of fans trying to justify daylight robbery for the so call "A" side with oh the fight was close, competitive, blq, blq, blq.
    If they have more than 2 brain cells they would have known that obviously when you are fighting top fighters, the fight is going to be close, competitive, that doesn't mean you were not robbed. Cause so many matches were close/competitive, but you can't give the 1 guy more than X amount of round.
    Yeah sometimes we have cases with one clear outclassing the other boxer, but just like in any other sports, a lot of the fights are very close at the top level.
    Just like in Football, Tennis, Basketball, etc, top teams/athlete are very close one to each other, and very little separate them.

    I'm absolutely done with Boxing when Usyk stops fighting.
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    Jul 4, 2014
    I might not be far behind you.
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    Jun 25, 2014

    "That's a possibility. If Wilder and Ruiz are not fighting for the final elimination, Joshua's right there at No 3. That's possible," Sulaiman acknowledged.

    "I don't want to speculate because that would be irresponsible to try to make something up. We have to go through a process. The WBC board of governors will make that decision.

    "At this stage anything is possible. There's too much talent, too many great fights, too many great combinations that could be made for heavyweight and everything is stalled."
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    Nov 27, 2010
    The only one who has killed HW boxing is Fury for refusing to unify against Usyk. No matter how you Fury bots attempt to spin it, it’s ALL Fury’s fault. He’s so whacked and desperate he’s on social media saying he’s fighting a different fighter each week. It’s almost as though he is on the verge of a mental breakdown. If that is the case then relinquish the belts and get help. Stop with yanking the sports chain.
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    Jul 4, 2014
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