Gennady Golovkin ATG Middleweight Ranking

Discussion in 'Classic Boxing Forum' started by DavidBarnes, Mar 17, 2020.

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    How do you know?

    I'm probably not the only one, who thinks in these^ terms.
    It's hard to tell at what level a lot Monzon's early opposition was.

    Monzon didn't Draw in any of his Title fights. In fact, after his last Draw, in '69, he went over 30 fights without any losses or Draws, through to '77.

    I'm not sure what your question above, regarding Monzon's pre-Championship opposition, is supposed to establish.
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    Given that it's recent, you're obviously gonna find the media cards easier. Lewis/Holyfield 1 was a worse robbery. I've never seen anyone argue that as a draw or a Holyfield win. People argue Canelo won everyday.
    You mean YOU don't. Plenty of knowledgeable fans, and boxing historians go by official results, no matter how ridiculous.
    Ok? He beat better fighters than Canelo anyway...
    Well for a start, Briscoe would be GGGs best win, don't know how you're acting like he's a no-one. And you know full well man machine never reffered to Canelo as a can, rather a good 5 of GGG's 9 title defences. Then his entire career before Geale.

    What you've just done, in a round about kind of way, is admit you base GGGs ranking on what you think he can achieve, not what he did achieve.
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    Nard fought Tito and Hoya when they were MW Champions. There's a big difference in Nard fighting ranked title holders at MW , than GGG trying to fight welters who never even had a fight at MW , never mind a ranking or a title.
    Those guys were never going up to MW , yet you bash them for "not daring" to fight in their 5th or 6th weigh class.

    Did GGG dare to fight Callum Smith , Ward or Billy Joe Saunders just one weight class above his own? All those 3 opponents were available to him.
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    Jun 9, 2007
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    Ra's Al-Ghul,

    No, he wasn't lucky. He'd started to turn things around by the 7th or 8th round with aggression and body shots. Go and watch the fight.

    He deserves huge credit for that win.

    Nunn was a great fighter, a stylistic nightmare for many fighters, and he was in his prime.

    Mike was more skilled in my opinion. And many fighters would have struggled against that version of Mike.

    GG never fought a southpaw as good as Reggie Johnson.

    You don't know exactly how he'd have fared.

    Look at how Canelo struggled with Lara.

    Toney did get a gift. But that doesn't undo everything else he did.

    Billy Joe Saunders has beaten Andy Lee, John Ryder, Chris Eubank and David Lemieux etc. He's a world class fighter. Yet he was extremely lucky to beat Artur Akavov.

    Chris Eubank beat Michael Watson, Nigel Benn, Tony Thornton and Gracianio Rocchigiani etc. He was a world class fighter. Yet he was extremely lucky to beat Ray Close and Dan Schommer.

    These things happen from time to time.

    If you're going to claim that GG would have beaten Toney because he lost to Tiberi and GG was better than Tiberi, it's a poor argument.

    He didn't lose the Griffin fight very wide.

    They were both very close fights.

    I'm not making excuses for him. He admits himself that he lost. What I'm saying is, these things happen, especially when you're fighting so frequently.

    How many fights has GG had?

    Toney had fought 46 fights by the time he fought Roy Jones at 26.

    No, he wouldn't have been too green for GG.

    I'd take the best version of James, who was fully fit and fighting to his full capabilities over GG.

    The Tiberi result isn't going to change my mind.

    You have no idea if GG would have beaten James' MW opponents, especially fighting a hectic schedule like he did back then.

    Whilst you can't ignore the Tiberi fight, it can't be your main reasoning for a GG victory.

    I'm sure you could name 50 SMW's who you'd have picked to have beaten a guy like Ray Close. But it wouldn't mean that they'd all have beaten a prime version of Chris Eubank.

    I'm not for one minute saying that GG couldn't have beaten James. Of course he could have. He is/was a great fighter. But you have to look at the whole picture, not just a single fight.
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    how many did GGG have as amateur? Vastly more mileage than a lot fighters overall. Perhaps every fight wasn't Hagler - Mugabi but even still.
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