George Foreman vs Andy Ruiz

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Who wins

  1. Foreman Knockout

  2. Foreman Decision

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  3. Ruiz Knockout

  4. Ruiz Decision

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  5. Draw

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  1. Alexandrow Vids

    Alexandrow Vids Member Full Member

    Oct 28, 2014
    First Round of Prime Foreman vs Ruiz would be like the third round of Joshua vs Ruiz 1
    with the difference that Ruiz is badly battered and covered in blood and is driven to a hospital
    and dies shortly afterwards.
    Referees from back then would not stop such slugfest , no way.

    A modern referee stops the fight way earlier where Ruiz will probably still be alive.
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  2. djanders

    djanders Well-Known Member Full Member

    Feb 21, 2009
    Yes. In reality, I believe any active version of George Foreman would stop a prime Ruiz, IMHO, of course. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. The way Ruiz looks is not entirely his doing. Genetics obviously plays a role in that. I'm sure he's usually in better fighting shape than he seems at a glance. Big George is just too much for him, in many ways.
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