GGG vs Canelo 1, who has really won?

Discussion in 'World Boxing Forum' started by Alexxxx, Mar 24, 2020.

Who has won

  1. GGG

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  2. Canelo

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  3. Draw

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  1. theanatolian

    theanatolian Obsessed with Boxing Full Member

    May 2, 2015
    You know GGG won when the craziest of his haters are okay with the draw.
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  2. lordlosh

    lordlosh Boxing Addict Full Member

    Jun 4, 2014
    GGG won both fight 8-4. Just because the fight was competitive, doesn`t mean they was close and the decision could go either way, it could not.
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  3. Wizbit1013

    Wizbit1013 The Original 101.3 Full Member

    Mar 17, 2018
    I actually agree GGG won but its a done to death subject and tends to just eventually turn in to GGG vs Canelo fans arguing with no basis of logic getting used the further the debate goes
  4. MorvidusStyle

    MorvidusStyle Active Member Full Member

    Jul 11, 2017
    The only people who thought Canelo won were those with an agenda, including boxers.

    A very telling opinion was Malignaggi's in this case. He normally likes the cute defensive moves and has a slight bias against the puncher, but this time he thought it was a clear Golovkin victory. Some could argue that was only because Malignaggi has a big problem with PED users who go up weight classes and carry their power with them ... so be it.
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  5. Mordechai

    Mordechai Boxing Addict Full Member

    Jun 18, 2008
    Ggg - canelo 1 : 115-113
    Aggressive ggg pressured and outpitched canelo ,but accuracy from ggg was bad. They both never really hurt each other
    Ggg - canelo 2: 116 -112
    Ggg clearly as day and night outboxed canelo and hurt him badly in the tenth round.

    Just a fact, all the haters should slowly accept it:
    Canelo is the cash cow of boxing and got two robberies over ggg in robbery city vegas. Odlh bought in each fight two of the judges.

    Ggg is the better boxer and fighter. Canelo has a flashy style of punching and defense. That's why all the dumb heads think he won by doing ****.

    It's a criminal case robbing an atg middleweight champ ggg, who is on the same level as hagler.
    I hope ggg goes all out in the third fight and really opens up to knockout canelo, he will never get a decision against him. Ggg has to go to canelos body often and early, that's the only chance to knock out ginger in the late rounds, when he will be dead tired and lose his speed and mobility.
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  6. Serge

    Serge Ginger Dracula Staff Member

    Jul 21, 2009
    I penned this beautiful ode to Clenelo one fine November night last year

    Nobody likes Clenelo
    Even in his homeland he gets panned
    They see him as fake
    A deck-stacking ginger snake
    A deceitful little toad
    A charismaless chode
    Who hides out in the chicken coop like a petrified hen
    And only comes out every now and then
    To feast on the bones of old men
    Nobody likes Clenelo
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  7. C.J.

    C.J. Boxings Living Legend revered & respected by all Full Member

    Apr 14, 2009
    Trouble is if he did & he KO'd Ginger the NSAC would say he failed the Ped's test & let Ginger keep the belts. The fight needs to be in MSG the Mecca of boxing well away from the NSAC & Vegas boxing officials but as we know Ginger only fights in Vegas where he's sure he'll win every decision He hasnt the cojones to offer a fair fight he knows he's never really beaten GGG
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  8. C.J.

    C.J. Boxings Living Legend revered & respected by all Full Member

    Apr 14, 2009
    WTG Serge youre a poet but dont know it
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  9. C.J.

    C.J. Boxings Living Legend revered & respected by all Full Member

    Apr 14, 2009
    I will NEVER accept a robbery GGG won both fights Fought without cheating While Ginger is a proven PED's abuser that has a State Commission & Vegas boxing officials protecting his bogus status
    GGG is a FIGHTER !!!! Ginger is a FRAUD!!!!!!
  10. C.J.

    C.J. Boxings Living Legend revered & respected by all Full Member

    Apr 14, 2009
  11. C.J.

    C.J. Boxings Living Legend revered & respected by all Full Member

    Apr 14, 2009
    When was GGG proven to have used Ped's ? NEVER but Ginger has
    When did GGG get a dec he didnt deserve?? NEVER but Ginger has 3 or4
    When did GGG hand back his bogus WBC belt ??? Never but Ginger did
    When did GGG's home fans disown him ??? Never but Ginger's did
    When you add all that up there is only one answer

    Ginger:pipi GGG And it isnt even close
  12. Jojoba

    Jojoba Member Full Member

    May 31, 2011
    GGG won the first fight, Canelo fans were so relieved the second fight was close, they try to imply it was some sort of masterclass.
  13. FastSmith7

    FastSmith7 Boxing Addict Full Member

    Sep 16, 2017
    GGG won the first one 8-4 and the 2nd one 9-3, even though most of the rounds were very close in the 2nd.
  14. m.s.

    m.s. Well-Known Member Full Member

    Nov 2, 2010
    First off, as everybody who has been around boxing for the last 10 years should remember quite clearly that GGG had no real threats at the middleweight division and any contender that did dare get in the Ring with him got destroyed. The Champions at the time were nothing special either but they were legitimate champs, they would have made nice little decorations on GGG'S resume,guys like Sturm, a aging but Ring champ Martinez, Peter Quillin,Daniel Geale, Chavez jr. If these guys weren't afraid of Golovkin then you wouldn't even be talking crap right now.They all would have been entertaining beat downs, the kind us Golovkin fans enjoy. The destruction of legitimate contenders and Champs. Even your much praised Canelo gave up his prized WBC belt that he won from Cotto rather than face Golovkin, requesting another 16 months to get ready and hopefully age GGG. He should have been stripped of his Ring mag belt as well for that act. Finally Dave Lemieux was willing to defend his IBF belt against GGG and of course got destroyed. "He was a current champ. Later Golovkin fought another current champ Daniel Jacobs, also a fighter ranked right behind Golovkin, a top fighter, a secondary champ, but one three times as good as Fielding. Then of course comes the Canelo fight, Another legit champ if you count the leneal title as a title. Of course the robbery happens as seen in this poll and that's another legit title he should have. Then we have people like you who either know the truth or just plain forgot what really happened, who like to switch the story around for your agenda. Golovkin had 20 title defenses 18 by k.o. had the middleweight division running scared. Charlo and Saunders record isn't anywhere near Golovkin's record , even with the robberies. Nice try.
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  15. Gatekeeper

    Gatekeeper Well-Known Member Full Member

    Oct 18, 2009
    It's been done ad nauseam but neither Canelo or GGG imposed themselves or did enough to be a clear winner in either fight, almost all 24 of those rounds were close, back and forth chess matches. Anyone claiming robbery is biased one way or the other.
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