Give me a list of boxers you think could beat Floyd Mayweather at comparable weights

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    Jan 13, 2022
    Thank you in advance
  2. Ioakeim Tzortzakis

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    Aug 27, 2020
    130-Maybe guys like Chavez, Fenech and Arguello, but I wouldn't bet on it. 130 was Floyd's best weight and he was exceptional there, it wouldn't surprise me much if he would have ended up beating them all, he's considered the GOAT at 130 for a good reason. He was very special there.

    135-Floyd looked far more beatable at Lightweight. I think Chavez is a good favourite here compared to 130, he arguably peaked at 135 whereas Floyd looked far more vulnerable there. Duran, Armstrong and Whitaker are also clear favourites. Ike Williams, maybe ? But I'm more inclined to pick Floyd against Williams.

    140-Jose Napoles, De La Hoya and the aforementioned fighters from 135.

    147-He is far more beatable here than in any other weight before. He became too reliant on his defence, counter-punching and pot shoting than before, and His speed and power had diminished, and he didn't have the same offensive skill he used to, especially compared to 130. Not to mention that he is undersized. Guys like Robinson, Leonard, Hearns, Duran, Armstrong, Napoles, Griffith, Rodriquez and Gavilan should be favoured here. Crawford would be a live underdog.

    154-I think Duran would bit a bit more than he could chew here, he didn't look as special as he did in lower weights for me to pick him over Floyd, maybe the same would go for Napoles given his only results above 147 where a losing effort against Monzon,and he was on the smaller side of Welterweight, but maybe he could do it. The rest of the guys before still stand, and guys like McCallum and Winky Wright could be added. Benitez maybe ? This is Floyd at his heaviest and given how he only fought 3 times at 154, and how this was Benitez's best weight, I'd say he has a good chance to pull it off. Floyd would beat him in lower weights, though.
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    Jul 23, 2010
    Excellent post.
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    Jan 3, 2007
    It wouldn’t be hard to think of some. But it doesn’t matter because most of the weights he fought at were not his best weights, nor was he prime, and nor do these things detract from his greatness.
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    Nov 8, 2011
    At 140 Pryor has a very good chance IMO.

    I feel too much has been made of Floyd's defensive skills. Ok, Floyd 's defense was excelent, but his record is padded with lots of mediocre and predictable straight punchers.

    Pryor at his best was a totally different kind of animal. An offensive wizard who was the embodiment of unorthodoxy, with relentless agressive pressure and the chin and the stamina to outlast a war.

    Versus Pryor, Floyd is going to be dragged into a vicious war. Jumping on his bike is not going to save him. Soon or later will have to stop running and trade, and I doubt he will be the one winning that war.

    Of course we are talking about a peak, focused, drug free Hawk ... and no "special bottle" allowed neither.
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    Great post.
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  7. Dorrian_Grey

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    Apr 20, 2024
    Langford at 147 maybe? I couldn't see Floyd getting through Langford's shots in the same way he did with Mosley.