Going pro right away?

Discussion in 'Boxing Training' started by Toney F*** U, Feb 2, 2024.

  1. Toney F*** U

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    Oct 16, 2019
    Has anyone here gone pro without much of an amateur background? I love boxing, but there isn’t much of an amateur scene in my area and I don’t see the point in wasting a ton of money traveling just for one am fight. There is some pro action though, and I’m tempted to just go for it. I haven’t been boxing very long, but I’m confident in my skills and I feel like I can get some good experience by regularly sparring pros and fighting journeymen. Is this a good idea? Also, if anyone has done this I’d be happy to hear about your experience.
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  2. NoChin

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    Aug 1, 2023
    Do it mate.

    You believe in yourself, that's all that matters. Well firstly that's all that matters. You don't need any else's permission so to speak. Give yourself permission to get in there and do it.

    Sparring and lot's of it and conditioning. And all the other stuff. Get heaps of rounds in, and go for it. **** the amateurs.

    PM me if you need.
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    Aug 1, 2023
    There are some shithouse pro's out there which I know for a fact a few buddies of mine would absolutely slaughter.

    MP would bash many. Seriously.
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    Feb 11, 2024
    But how but how long have you been boxing that's really the question. Have you started pro fighters and got in the best of them .that's another question how good is your stamina and defense and the most important question how good is your chin.
  5. NoChin

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    Aug 1, 2023
    Nope. Do it.

    Spar 200 to 250 rounds and then get in there. Make sure you spar different people with different styles including orthodox and south paw.

    Amateurs are ****. The only good thing about that is the experience but in the amateurs a lot of that **** is hit and run away. Fraudville.

    Hard sparring is the only way because what are you going to do when you cop a big hit? And that's a bull**** phrase too which other people have wanked off to '' everyone's got a plan until they get punched in the face '' Nonsense. If that were true, nobody would win after getting hit and hit hard or knocked down.

    Tim Tszyu vs Gausha
    Nikita Tszyu vs Dylan Biggs

    prime examples.