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    Jul 19, 2018

    I was a beginner boxer on this forum and needed help and i got great help from all the people who responded.
    And i improved alot.
    But i also found these 2 video’s which helped me alot and wanted to share it here
    Some things i still have trouble with is the shoulder snap i can do it with hooks and uppercuts but for straights it’s hard and can’t get it down ( but still practicing) so if you can help me out please do and explain.
    What helped me out in the video’s above is pushing and pulling with the legs i drive better from the ground up i can feel that i generate more power also in the second vid that the shoulder needs to stay behind the hip ever so slightly to create a stretch dont move shoulder and hip same time it reduces power and mentioned in both video’s the way you need to connect with the knuckles with bones in line the first video explain’s it very detailed turning elbow over and shoulder in create better line and you connect better with the knuckles and make a stiff arm in the end.
    Wanted to share it with you people let me know what you think about it please Some tips on the shoulder snap and what you think about it what you agree on or disagree or if you think that Some things weren’t mentioned who are important let me know
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  2. Tony Ryad

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    Feb 9, 2019
    Work in explosivity. Bulgare Method etc and work at the heavy bag to increase your power, you also can shadow while holding weight
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  3. Wagoat

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    Jul 19, 2018
    I was actually talking about the technique more and the opinion on the video’s and how to improve shoulder snap technique because it’s very hard to shoulder snap a punch for straights so Some tips on that and also wanted to know more about if there Some technique that are usefull what wasn’t explained in the video that are usefull
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    Nov 17, 2018
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