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    Apr 8, 2023
    hi guys, been watching this forum for ages and now i decided to make an account (sorry for ghosting boxingforum for 7-8+ years with no account).

    since last year february i've started my weight loss road and now i have from 108 kg ~80, 82 kg i'm using boxing as my main cardio 9 rounds, 3 mins each/1 min pause.

    but today i asked a guy to record me to see how i look at boxing at sack, and i feel like is something wrong with my stance, sometimes i feel like southpaw would be the best for me because i love to throw left uppecuts to the body (liver shots).

    i really need some advices, i will post a 1 minute footage so you can see, thanks a lot for your time, guys

    edit: sorry for my bad english, is not my main language :)
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    Sep 3, 2022
    Will give some small criticism based on just 1 minute footage:
    • The footwork is not right
    • The sense for distance is bad
    • You can allow to keep your front arm down when you get good, if we talk about fighting - might even depend not only on how good you are, but how good your opponent is
    • Learn to deliver series of left-right without leaning forward
    Going southpaw doesn't make it easier for liver shots, actually, your left arm will be further from the opponent's liver, not to say that the better liver shots are easier from an orthodox stance.

    I hope that helps, nothing negative is intended with my comment.
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    Apr 8, 2023
    thanks, all noted