Hatton vs. Tszyu 14 Years Ago Last Week

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    Apr 1, 2005
    I'm curious about the perspective of British fans on this bout? How does it stack up among the best wins ever by a British fighter?

    I saw last week was the 14 year anniversary of that historical changing of the guard. At the time Tszyu was one of my favorite fighters so I really held a major grudge against Hatton for years for making my hero quit. I was a teenager at the time and I've moved on since, so I decided to make a video about it and discuss it with objectivity:

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    It seems like quitting on the stool like he did wrecked Tszyu's legacy. After his stretch of wins over Tackie, Leija, and Mitchell, he was regarded almost unanimously as being in the Top 3 ever at 140. Some had him as the best at that weight in head to head matchups. Now whenever he's brought up in the classic forum, people usually pick against him.
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    Sep 15, 2013
    Great win for Hatton against an inactive and ageing Tszyu. Fabulous night for British boxing where a genuine character pulled off a career best performance in a very good fight.

    I don't think the result affected Tszyu's record as he had a broken jaw at the time of pulling out and was at the end of an excellent career.
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    Oct 18, 2009
    It's up there for great British wins of recent times.

    Hatton IIRC was the underdog and expected to take too many shots from Tszyu as he tried to close the distance. I bought this on PPV and in all honesty it's not a great memory for me, I was a fan of Tszyu and didn't like the way he lost that night - Hatton while brave and at his peak was allowed to get away with faaaaar too much clinching and mauling by a biased British ref, still a good win but if it had taken place in a neutral location with an unbiased ref I'm not so sure RH would have won.
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    I was there that night. The MEN was sweltering, it was 1am and people were passed out all around drunk before the fight even started. Hatton was the underdog against a consensus P4P top 3 fighter. Most predicted a Tszyu knockout but no-one predicated that Ricky would just walk right through Kostya, rough him up and make him quit. He took right hands coming in, but Hatton was like a man possessed that night and wouldn’t be denied. Obviously benefitting from some dubious tactics and Uncle Dave refereeing. An exchange of nutshots, but nobody really cared. The place erupted when Tszyu failed to get off his stool for the 11th round. It was a great night, if a little tainted. The revisionists will tell you Kostya was past it, etc, etc. It was a great night for Hatton and his army of fans. Kostya was classy in defeat and gave no excuses, just that the better man won that night. 14 years ago... jeez...
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    Man that would have been hell of a fight live. Remember it on Sky like it was yesterday.
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    Whaaaatttt!!! 14 years!! Wow.

    Tsyzu was a genuine master and Ricky hadn't fought anyone yet. It was a Huge upset. Massive ridiculous upset. Unreal night.
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