Highly controversial fights that are forgotten

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    It was and everony with no Anglo-American bias knows this. And you pretend that all close fights in the timel till 2000 were score for the home boxer in Germany is just another lie; Maske vs. Hill I wasn't, although it could have gone either way and it wouldn't be unfair to give it to the "Gentleman", actual performed Rocchgiani in their first duell better than "Quick Silver".

    I had Rocky winning here 117 - 114 and a draw would have been a stretch. This was as questionable as Lewis vs. Mercer was.
    Also was one or two of the last 3 rounds so dominant that this could have been scored anyway 10 - 8 and he outlanded Eubanks by some margin. Just as came the point-deduction too late, it ought to have been several before, for these roughhouse tactics and excessive holding, but headbutts too.
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    LOL. What a clown. Why would there be an American/Anglo bias for a black british fighter in Germany in the 1990s when it was famous for some of the most horrendously pro German robberies ever?? You keep saying that EVERYONE who wasnt biased for Eubank thought it was "HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL" then prove it. All youve given so far is YOUR opinion which counts for nothing seeing as how you have consistently proven yourself to be both clueless and nuts. Reproduce all of these expert opinions. Youve tried once, saying the English commentators had Rocchigiani winning and Ive illustrated with concrete evidence that they didnt. You completely made that up. So produce something concrete, beyond your own asinine insane rantings or shut the **** up.
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    Eusebio Pedroza should have been DQ'd against Juan Laporte.

    Juan Coggi-Eder Gonzalez 1 is arguably the most outrageous robbery ever.

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    Lazarte also managed to avoid getting DQ'd in his first bout with Solis despite committing nearly every foul in the book, including biting.