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Discussion in 'Boxing Training' started by Hudson1984, Jun 22, 2020.

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    Jul 20, 2018
    Hi all,

    so been a while since I was on here and annoyingly things have slowed right down.

    I'd gotten back into cycling but sadly i've got a bad hip - which needs an operation to really fix, it's not like i'm dying or anything and with all that's going on in the world I'm no where near a priority, so it's going to take a year or two before I get it sorted.

    It means, no more Judo, no more cycling (can't get leg over the bike lol) BUT I wonder if it's time I cancel EVERYTHING else and just dedicate myself to boxing?

    I'll never be a "fighter" and that's fine, hopefully I can draw a sweat off someone in a sparring session but that's about the limit of my aspirations.


    Before all this Covid stuff, I was cycling, doing martial arts and having 1-2-1 boxing sessions but with hip, a new child and work changes thrown in they've all gone to the sideline.

    I'm not really intending to go back to martial arts anymore, getting tired of being thrown around! and most of the local clubs are too child centred (give them belts make them pay etc)

    So...the point of the thread....

    I'd like to set the garage to be the training space, and hopefully be in a position that when i'm allowed to go back to a trainer, I can be at least at a half decent fitness level to make the most of the sessions. Don't learn much with your hands on your hips wheezing after all!

    what would you buy?
    what do I really need?
    and more importantly where can I get it!!

    I can't run - hurts the hip
    I can't cycle - hurts the hip

    I can skip, so thinking that'll do me for cardio?
    haven't got a bag as yet, but would prefer something weighty as i'm currently about 95kg (made up of mostly doritos and kopperberg!)
    got a few dumbells, and a selection of kettlebells.

    No heavy weights.

    any suggestions? do I need anything else?

    again, only real aim is to be at least able to get the most out of 1 hour sessions at the club when things go back to some normality. Hopefully swimming pools reopen soon as that'll help with cardio and hip all in one.

    I work from home now so I can really fit anything into my day, I work for myself so will work my working time around this, I'm aiming to do much of my training at lunch hour. But could add an evening session in if needs be - the wife is keen to get fitter too so we're planning our strength sessions for evenings so perhaps I could do some mainly cardio work at lunch break then do a strength session in the evening.