How did you score Canelo's fights?

Discussion in 'World Boxing Forum' started by Big Ukrainian, Jan 8, 2019.

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    Jan 18, 2010
    No, I only posted the absolute ridiculous scores out there.
    In the Trout fight there were 2 judges that had it too wide for Canelo (Chistoldoulou and Shellenberger), in the Floyd Fight 2 judges had it too close (Moretti and Ross), in the Golovkin 1 fight 2 judges went against the consensus (scandalous Byrd and Trella), in the rematch again 2 judges (Weisfeld and Moretti), Lara had only one ridiculous scorecard from Martinez, but that was the only one that didn't favor Canelo too much compared to what the majority of the fans saw.
    And then there's always the fights beyond the ones that went the distance. Just look at the Khan fight for instance... no way he was up going into the 6th.
    Just look at the scores that everyone else saw and what you saw. That was a close but clear win for Alvarez, but NEVER that wide.
    How is it possible that almost nobody besides rabid Canelo fans had it wide for Alvarez? Consensus means what the vast majority saw, and even if that somehow isn't right (bias can play a big role here). In Alvarez case there's always at least one ridiculous judge in his favor, and usually accompanied by a second one that is just outside or on par with the widest possible regular score (also in his favor of course). And sometimes even worse.
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    Sep 16, 2017
    Mayweather 118-110 Canelo
    Golovkin I 116-112 Canelo
    Golovkin II 117-111 Canelo
    Lara 115-113 Canelo
    Cotto 112-116 Canelo
    Trout 112-115 Canelo

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