How does Canelo beat Bivol? Sensible replies only please

Discussion in 'World Boxing Forum' started by MGGGM Grand, May 8, 2022.

  1. MGGGM Grand

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    Jul 9, 2016
    Although I'd advise against it, I'd be amazed if Canelo didn't trigger an immediate rematch, he'll want to avenge this loss.

    Serious replies only, I don't want to see none of this "eat more beef, pay off the judges etc" **** in here.

    Is it possible for Canelo to beat Bivol, and if so, how?

    I don't believe he can go head hunting against Bivol, at least not early. His chin is too good and his defence is too solid.

    What about becoming an out and out body puncher for the first half of the fight? Would he have success softening up Bivol to the body? At least give him something to think about in regards to protecting his body, to open up opportunities up top. I'd also look to put a stop to these wasted shots targeting the arm. What about bringing him down to 168?

    So if you were his trainer, and he was insistent on taking the rematch, how would you go about it?
  2. FastSmith7

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    Sep 16, 2017
    He can'ts
    But he probably will win a decision, after Bivol schools him again
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  3. JOKER

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    Dec 18, 2019
    Eat more beef.

    Bigger padded envelopes with keys to 3 small vacation properties.

    More beef.

    Load his gloves even more.
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  4. Fogger

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    Aug 9, 2021
    If he is going to have any chance he has to use his boxing skills a bit more. Canelo has spent his last two years just walking down his opponents and trying to smash them into submission. He needs to vary his punches and become a bit quicker (Perhaps less body mass) I don't know that I think this will work so, to contradict myself, his best chance may be to do what he did and hope one of those uppercuts does major damage and he can stop him at that point.
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  5. ellerbe

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    Jul 25, 2014
    It's hard to beat someone who can take your punch, is taller than you and has a longer reach, has quicker feet than you and similar hand speed. Hard to see a path of victory for Canelo since he never was a fighter with high output.
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  6. JMotrain

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    Sep 30, 2005
    There really is no path to victory for Canelo. I wouldn't even give him a punchers chance against Bivol. I think he fought the best fight he could, even started off faster than usual. Canelo just doesn't have the footspeed to compete and Bivol doesn't have any deficiency in fighting on the inside (where Canelo would have to be to win the fight). Bivol is too big and more importantly too good for Canelo to beat.

    Simply put, there is no way he beats Bivol. He should go back down and fight Charlo, Andrade, or Benavidez.
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  7. Jackman65

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    Aug 31, 2019
    Pay those judges a little more maybe. They tried to give it to Canelo but even the biggest corrupt ***** judges have to face reality at some point. The better boxer won last night and will win again if they fight at 175 or even 168. Bivol moved so much better, was more active and put on a defensive clinic.

    Even though the Canelo cheerleaders (including the announcers) celebrated whenever he punched Bivol on the arms, in boxing that’s called a blocked punch and doesn’t win you fights when the opponent is punching your face and body in return.

    Celebrating landed punches on a guy’s arms (blocked punches) is what you do when you have NOTHING but need to say something positive about a guy to justify the bogus decision you anticipate. It almost happened but Bivol was too good. He looked fresh and unmarked in a relatively easy victory against the bigger $$$ fighter. Not easy to do in today’s boxing world.
  8. BoxingDialogue

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    Apr 26, 2019
    Honestly the biggest issue was his stamina. He was exhausted by rd 8. Idk maybe it was that ridiculous vegan diet or what.
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  9. f1ght3rz

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    Jan 31, 2018
    Clenelo always had suspect stamina. It has nothing to do with his diet or some crap. The big difference this time: His opponent didn't gas and was fully prepared to throw the same amount of shots with the same power and speed in R12 like he did in R1.
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  10. coolcat45

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    Oct 21, 2018
    He had to throw a lot of power shots in this fight and bivol did not allow him to rest on the ropes, he still had to keep ducking and diving.
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  11. roughdiamond

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    Jul 25, 2015
    Use a double and triple jab to lead in and jab with Bivol.
    Hook off the jab to force Bivol straight backwards into a right hand on the ropes.
    Dart in and out of range constantly with his feet to confuse and constantly reset Bivol.
    Constant feints.
    High work rate in every round.
    Fight for the full 3 mins of a round.

    Canelo does none of these things at 175 and has rarely done them in his entire career. Bivol will always beat him. Canelo would have to somehow turn into a ginger Qawi or Harada to win.
  12. Devon

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    Dec 31, 2018
    He has to train to keep a pace and stick to it, don’t allow Bivol time and room to do his thing, it should be constant pressure and backing Bivol up against the ropes, he has to train in this way and improve his stamina, if he does all of this and sets a pace and stocks to it then he will still lose probably, but will have more success
  13. FastSmith7

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    Sep 16, 2017
    This 100000x over.

    Canelo was just as knackared in both GGG fights, the only different is that GGG was also knackered
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  14. ZablieJudahnoff

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    Apr 2, 2015
    He does not because he can not and he will not :) Carrot was out on his feet in round 5, should have been a 10- 8 :))
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  15. BCS8

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    Aug 21, 2012
    So clearly his main problem is his short reach and slow feet. That he can't solve.

    What he could do is remember that he too has a pretty good jab and use that to contest Bivol's own one. Canelo's timing is good and while I think Bivol's jab is longer and better, it doesn't mean that Canelo can't make things happen if he lands his own one - and he will. He needs to forget about stupid punches like a loaded-up uppercut which is hard to land on Bivol who will simply step back to make it miss.

    He desperately needs to up his workrate and stamina. These single big punches are not going to cut the mustard against a quality operator like Bivol. Bivol will be happy to take them on the arm or gloves all night long. Basically Canelo needs to mix up his punches more and when he manages to corner Bivol he needs to unload big time. If canelo can get one big showy flurry in a round it might be enough for the Canel-O-Vision judges to make an argument they thought he won the round.

    I bet Canelo doesn't do much roadwork because of his crappy knees. He needs to find another cardio exercise that doesn't mess his knees up and do that like a demon.

    Bivol will only be better next time.
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