How good a professional career could well-managed person of average talent attain?

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    Before you ask, no, I'm not planning to start a professional boxing career myself. But I've wondered about this question, and the Training Forum seemed a good place to ask in case somebody else found it interesting.

    We focus a lot on the absolute top-tier fighters in this forum. Most of those guys -- and many journeymen, to boot -- have innate talent that regular people don't have. And lots of them started young.

    But what if you just have run-of-the-mill, average athleticism, didn't grow up in a boxing family, and only took up boxing in your late teens or so? If you still want (for some reason or other) to embark on a professional career, how much could you realistically accomplish? How good could you get, how far could you get in the boxing rankings ecosystem, and what kind of record could you assemble?

    I'm assuming relatively competent management here, by the way. The goal isn't to become one of those 0-42 fighters who are paid to get blasted out by other fighters. I'm also assuming a good work ethic and dedicated, intelligent training...although I suspect that both of these things will be limited by the demands of holding down another regular job as well, since most pro boxing doesn't seem to pay very well.

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    Why this is necessity?
    In ideal case guy who turns into a pro is former amateur boxing superstar. Like Loma, A.J, Ward, DLH and boxers like these.
    These are headhunted by agents and managers cos they want to sign up them. Signup bonuses will be offered for sure. Big promoters are interested in these prospects.
    Next row are lads who had showed enough power and were watchable in am boxing with KO power. Tyson might be example.
    Next row: lads with credentials in other striking sports with high KO/TKO/RSC ratio. In ams.
    Pro KBers, MT lads who showed that they are effective punchers. Usually young lads.

    If you can sell tickets or they are able to sell with you on card cos some reasons in local show or you have $, sponsor, someone will invest, then something might be achieved.
    Depends from matchmaking.

    You need some am exp under belt before you turn into a pro. Bare minimum semi pro fight.
    They might gave you some pro who is worse than #10 th am boxer in this city and might gave debut lad who will hit not less hard than average ranked in top 50 in division pro. Ofc there will not be experience and overall skills level but concussion + broken bones as bonus you might get in local small hall show, maybe even worse outcome here. Vs debut lad.

    Earning depends from sales they might achieve with you on their fight card, your places in rankings and how watchable you are, who you had fought previously. It might initially look laughable, if you had fought vs big name as am this increases respect to you even if you had lost on points.
    First year /s usually earnings are lesser than actual expenses and you need good looking pro boxing record.
    Pro KBer is a bit different: you should not be finished in distance and if fight was watchable and you had lost on point, clients were happy to see this? draw in in pro boxing might be worse than loss on cards in watchable KB fight. For future career.