How would Jerry Quarry do against these guys?

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    And Stylistically he should in theory. But Baer was something like 6'6" 250 lbs and stopped 45 of his 50 opponents. I'm not sure Quarry can outpoint him for an entire evening or over power him to score a stoppage the way he did shavers. He might very well have prevailed, but it would be a hell of a physical advantage that he'd have to overcome.
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    Lewis was blind in that eye for years before Louis.

    Iron chin? Only stopped once in his final fight by one of the greatest hitters and finishers in history in over 100 fights against LHWs and HWs. One of many unique knockout results for the Brown Bomber that I'm not sure many others could replicate.

    No, projecting absurd words into my mouth because you are desperate to get one back after the other thread will only make you look stupid and childish. Big surprise.

    I think Lewis still had it him to outbox Quarry. A well past it Machen was even able to.
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    I agree with this, thoughtful post !!:good
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    It's possible Lewis might outpoint Quarry I just think by then he was used up . I'm projecting nothing into your mouth I don't care enough about what comes out of it.

    Quarry was hardly prime when he fought Machen, which is the point I made and you seem to have missed Quarry was a 21 years old kid.

    Lewis was no longer at his best when he fought Louis see below.

    ." Knowing his career was nearly over heavyweight champion
    and close friend Joe Louis gave John Lewis a shot at his title and one last payday.
    Lewis gave up his title and moved up to heavyweight for the challenge. Louis did
    not carry Lewis the way he did other opponents instead seeking to end the fight
    fast and not punish Lewis unnecessarily. And fast it was, as a virtually blind
    Lewis was knocked out in 2 minutes and 29 seconds. Lewis would never box again, "
    The second best heavyweight Lewis fought,[and there weren't many ,]may have been Johnny Risko he had won 7 of his last 16 fights,and had a ko % of 15%

    Which heavyweights did Lewis test his chin against?
    An iron chin is McCall or Chuvalo, not Lewis and John Henry did not face that many punchers to test his .

    We had some arguments a while back, I'd put them out of my mind, you obviously have not , no matter. .
    You're kind of pathetic with your petty spite do you know that?
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    Than good day, sir.
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    Jan 30, 2014
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    Quarry was not the sharpest stategist around..... Will have alot of difficulties with alot of those men
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    Smart guy.
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    Jerry would have a field day , he was only cut by hall of famers, ALI, FRAZIER, NORTON, PATTERSON. Jerry beat 9 guys in the top ten at the time and knocked out 5, and 2 of those knockouts we're ranked #1. Jerry was also very strong, nobody muscled him around in clinches includes Buddy or Max Baer, maxie clowns and the Irishman will make him look like a real clown.
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    It would not surprise me Jerry beat them all, he definetly fought better fighter's overall than these guys. NOBODIES EVER FOUGHT Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier and Floyd Patterson twice! throw in Norton, Ellis, Chuvalo, Lyle, Machen, Shavers, Bodell, Middleton, London twice, Foster, Mathis, Alongi Twice, Spencer, Zanon, Neumann, Miteff, Corletti, Daniels This group is better than the fighters on this post opposing Jerry.

    They we're either World Champions, Held a WBA or WBC Belt, #1 -#5 World contenders, or top ten ranked during their careers everyone of them. Jerry's 15-8-3 with ten knockouts vs these fighter's
    WBHOF 1-7-1 (KNOCKDOWNS Quarry 4-3)
    RANKED (at the time) 8-0 (5 knockouts) (KNOCKDOWNS Quarry 10-0)
    Unranked (at the time) 6-1-2 (5 knockouts) (KNOCKDOWNS Quarry 8-0)
    'Ten Count' knockouts (Quarry 7-1)
    Total :

    15-8-3 (10 knockouts)
    (KNOCKDOWNS Quarry 22-3)
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    Jerry slashes and thrashes almost all these guys up. Conn, Walcott, Schmeling, and Galento of course are the big challenges. Conn is a slippery fellow but Jerry nails him. Galento is tough but I think Jerry stops him. The other two Jerry has a 50/ 50 chance of beating although I would pick Walcott and Schmeling both to win: Walcott by late TKO, Schmeling by close decision.
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    He would have done well - only Walcott and Schmeling may beat him - maybe. I saw Jerry thirty years ago at a place in Vegas "The Rum Runner" but didn't approach as he looked to be talking business with a couple of men.